twitterTwitter advertising is now a meta-entertainment tool which is adding value to mass media content. Twitter ads build different advertising opportunities. They fashion a content-driven and perceptible entertainment platform that allows advertisers to connect and extend out-dated channels. Brands and businesses now want to advertise alongside these new forms of meta-entertainment modes.

Twitter ads used to be free at one point; but now, paid advertising on Twitter can be done in three ways

Promoted Tweets

Promoted Tweets are your usual tweets but with the added bonus of reaching both current and potential followers. They can be seen in all user timelines and search results. You can use Promoted Tweets to tap into your passionate customer base and get the word out about your business program on Twitter. You can prolong the life of your tweet ad with Promoted Tweets in timelines, because of which, you can extend the life of the product presentation itself.

Promoted accounts

Promoting your twitter account is one of the fastest ways to form an active community of supporters and influencers for your business. You can generate new leads, engage your existing followers and increase the sales conversion rate. The bigger your follower base, the more people engage with your Twitter ads to spread your message.

These Tweets offer educational content relevant to marketers. They also include a specific call to action, such as an invitation to attend an informational webinar, download a marketing e-book or register for a free marketing assessment.

Promoted Trends

Promoted trends are twitter ads placed blatantly next to the user’s timeline giving them mass exposure and are thus most celebrated on Twitter. Using Promoted Trends, Twitter users see time, framework and event-sensitive trends at the top of the Trending Topics list on Twitter. You can get a wide exposure with this.

Cost of a Twitter ad is affordable – you will only be charged when people follow your account. All you have to do is set a budget, place a bid and get promoted. The cost will differ across different campaigns and will depend on your objectives.

Twitter’s very own account recommendation engine allows you to search your results of your twitter ads in “Who to follow”. The algorithm finds users that may be interested in your businessand makes your account visible to them.

While promoting your business via twitter advertising, keep your tweets positive and genuine in nature. People like to be shown gratitude and respect. Don’t oversell and over tweet your product as well as spam people on the web. The twitter ad should not be vague and/or stolen from a different source.