The word “Ning” is ChinNingese for “peace which is a web service that allows anyone to create their own branded social network. Networks created on Ning have various sections for videos, photos, chat, music, groups, events, forums, and blogs.

Members of your network have their own profile pages, can make friends, send messages all across, get email notifications, update status, and install third party apps. Ning is anything and everything that you can expect from a modern social network. It interests people who want to create their own communities and social networks. It can be built around specific interests with their own visual design, choice of features and member data. When a user joins the Ning network as a member, he or she obtains a Ning ID that works with all other Ning networks.

Ning’s basic service is for free while its platinum service which allows users to use their own domain name is changed. The platinum service also gets more attentive customer support, enables us to utilize more storage space, remove ads and remove promotional links.

On the social media platform, Ning member can sign-in via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google & more. You can also add YouTube and Vimeo videos on Social Channel pages via Ning. It has a real-time aggregated Activity Feed as well. Ning users use its solutions to quickly create social websites for everything from popular books and movies, to sports communities, to musicians making Ning’s social media platform quite popular. In addition to the growth of its customer-base, impulsive and unpredictable traffic required significant presentations headroom to deliver on its promise of best-in-class customer service.

There are various companies who use Ning to add value and connect with their potential customers.

Seesmic, the creator of popular Twitter applications for the web, desktop, and iPhone, uses Ning primarily to gather feedback from customers along with many others. They created ‘Team Seesmic’ to give their users a place to voice their opinion, and provide feedback on their products.

Not just us but, The US Navy used Ning too. They put together an amazing network using Ning called ‘Navy For Moms’ in 2008 where, mothers of those serving in the Navy come together online to discuss their concerns and issues.

Saturn provides a great example of the power of quality content and rich media on your social network. They started a Ning-powered social network called ‘ImSaturn’ which was designed for Saturn drivers, employees, fans, and enthusiasts to share their pictures, events, videos, podcasts, blog posts and all sorts of other content.

The Ning social media platform helps to open up the dialog between your customers and you as well. Ning offers a fairly extensive degree of flexibility in customizing the look and feel of your site. It has established the market for people to self-organize around the “what” rather than the “who” in social networking.