Comparisons are odious. Looking back at the search landscape over the years, you would realize that there was nothing called Google around a decade and awill google eat up facebook half back. Instead there were a dozen search engines competing with each other. And then came Google and gobbled up everything else. There is a lesson in this for all of us – only change is permanent in this online world. Another lesson is that Google has done its homework well before launching Google Plus. And they have lots of money to splurge and they are going to spend it on G+. Now, does this mean that Google Plus will eat up Facebook? Of course, there are many voices and numerous opinions. Some reliable sites claim that Google Plus will eat up Facebook or at least overtake it by the year 2016. Some claim the opposite. Here are some reasons for why and why not Google Plus will prevail over Facebook.

Different audiences
Comparing Google Plus with Facebook is like comparing oranges with apples. Facebook is primarily a fun social site. Here people like to share gossip and exchange some light banter. This is one of the reasons why Facebook is finding it tough to find paid advertisers. The audience on Facebook wants to discuss the latest fashion and what he/she (mostly she) is going to wear for the party in the evening. Google Plus on the other hand is for serious business. It is designed to connect employer with employee, customer, supplier and money. Google Plus is plain old business packaged as social media. Frankly, it’s an extension of Google with business in mind.

The Google Ecosystem
Facebook is a single social site. It connects people but nothing else. On the other hand, Google is a big online ecosystem. It spans search, online advertisements- AdSense and AdWords, Google maps, Android apps and much more. In fact, Google is everywhere. They have huge amount of resources and the drive to connect their various avatars with gusto. Google Plus is their latest initiative which already connects its various applications. Google Plus comes with every Gmail account and this email service is the biggest in this world. If you compare Google with Facebook (which also has a huge reserve of money), it is evident that in terms of resources Google is far ahead. Moreover, it has experience over a wide spectrum of technology. One may claim that Google has failed in its attempt to garner a piece of social media. True, but that’s also a reason to fear G+, which would have countered the negatives of earlier attempts. Moreover, G+ strategy is well thought out.

Facebook has over a billion users. Facebook is extremely popular. Google Plus users don’t use it as frequently as Facebook. Facebook will grow at a slower pace because of its already huge user base. What does this tell us? Facebook will remain a force among the social circles while Google Plus will become the most used social platform for businesses. We will see many more people discussing Apple pie recipes on Facebook while Google Plus will be busy selling the Apple pies.