Social media sites are powerful communication platforms both for interpersonal as well as business. The reasons for their stupendous popularity are many.

Provides Anonymitywhy Social media is attractive?
Social media sites have become attractive because people who are otherwise unsocial or reticent can now communicate with others without any reservation. The anonymity which these sites offer is a great boon for such people. You can take on any avatar or persona and mingle among the socially adept. It’s an irony that what we call social media requires minimum social interaction, in the sense we use the word in our daily lives. Using convoluted logic, social media is much larger than mere social exchange. It provides anonymity and at the same time embraces the entire mankind.

Provides Platform To Express Oneself Without Inhibition
The reason why we hesitate to talk or communicate with others is because of our inhibitions and largely because of a fear of rejection. Is it any surprise that online dating sites have caught on like fire? Social media sites provide protection against rejection and even if faced with one, you know that it only takes a mouse click to turn your face away. The facility and ease with which you can turn on and turn off your interactions at will, makes you bold and outgoing to the extent of being overly social. The humongous attraction of social media sites is perhaps mainly due to the absence of fear factor which usually engulfs us in real life.

Gives a feeling of being social without being social
The youth of today is bombarded with messages from every corner – online media, television, movies and songs. This multidimensional attack on human mind has surprising consequences. Individuals, especially youngsters, tend to freely forge friendships on social media sites while they abhor real communication with real people. These hands off relationships seem to provide the same mental satisfaction as would real, flesh and blood affairs. The plastic reality of social media sites is attractive simply because it doesn’t attract commitment of any sort. Most friends on Facebook would not recognize each other, if they were to come face to face, which possibly is the real attraction of this social media site. Since ‘unfriending’ on Facebook is assumed to be normal behavior, you can actually be unsocial or even antisocial without psychological repercussions.

Social Platform Is Rich In Media Experience
You will find every sort of media on social platforms. You can listen to music, while chatting with your friends, who in turn would be reading history or even science while talking with another friend. This is a rich platform to express yourself which makes social media sites attractive to the present generation.

Provides Opportunity To Interact Without Prejudices
Despite all the talk about equality of race, color, rank and social status, we are still living in a world of prejudices. The real world remains the same even as it changes. On the other hand, it doesn’t matter what you wear when you are interacting on a social media site. Your accent is hidden, your face is unseen and your habit of scratching yourself in the most abominable place remains undetected. Social media sites are attractive because they are free and provide freedom.