Video marketingVimeo or Youtube forms a very important part of an online marketing campaign. There used to be a time when there was only YouTube and then came Vimeo as a competitor. You must understand their strength and weaknesses before adopting a particular platform for video marketing.

The Size And Type Of Audience
Everyone knows that YouTube is big, very big. There are different estimates of viewership but at the very least YouTube attracts more than eight hundred million unique eyeballs per month. In comparison Vimeo is a babe with less than a hundred million unique visitors in a month. It is easy to surmise that YouTube is perfect for those who simply want eyeballs and are not bothered about the color or type. You will find YouTube filled with videos of birthday celebrations and children putting their first firm feet on the ground. While these may be of tremendous interest to parents of these children, they are of no value to businesses. The clutter in YouTube is monumental and number of clicks on your video may not be of much value in terms of conversions.

Vimeo works on a different model and though its visitor count may be modest in comparison to YouTube, it is targeted and attracts business. Since Vimeo is a paid video platform, the clutter is obviously much less and finding a video of a toddler answering natures call is unlikely. Vimeo is therefore better suited for marketing and business.

Quality And Ease Of Use
There is a distinct feeling among viewers that the quality of videos is better in Vimeo than YouTube. Once again, watching a toddler wriggling its bottom may not require high quality playback, but a business presentation does. If you are interested and desire high video quality, you must prefer Vimeo. Moreover, the upload time for YouTube is way too high. You might as well have a good nap after you click on the upload button since it takes ages for videos to upload on YouTube. One cannot blame YouTube for the slow speed because, if you remember, it’s free. And you are obliged to take a nap once in a while.

Menace Of Advertisements
YouTube earns its living through advertisements. You will find advertisements everywhere and in the most annoying places. This can be distracting especially when your video is about your business. You don’t want a toothpaste ad running just before your video on a multi-million dollar project presentation. It’s therefore prudent to go for Vimeo even though you may have to shell out some money. At least you will have a hassle free presentation. Moreover, the look and feel of Vimeo is clean because it’s free of advertisements.

SEO Constraints
YouTube is owned by Google. You can optimize your video for keywords when you are using YouTube. There are rumors that Google promotes YouTube videos over other platforms. SEO of videos is certainly a plus when you use YouTube.

The choice between YouTube and Vimeo is clear. If you have money to spare and want to upload professional videos, Vimeo may be a better choice. YouTube is for the mass market. Why not try them both together?