The top 10 individual bloggers in the world cover topics from technology to self-help to stocks. What they earn through it ranges from $60,000 to $800,000!

Why Social Media Presence?

Blogs have set free many valuable ideas and expressions that remain locked in personal diaries. With ingenious designs, WordPress has given many bloggers a creative platform. Blogs also gain economic importance as advertisers get attracted to your blog with increasing traffic. Not just business houses, even individuals can earn monetary benefits out of a blog’s popularity.

Many blogs on the same topic however prove to be a deterrent. It causes the same target audience to be split resulting in a distributed traffic. It is of prime importance to analyze traffic and implement measures to divert it towards your blog. Tracking and rating the links you share on social networking sites, Brand Magnitude proves to be a top social media tool.

Brand Magnitude – the concept

It is the rating of the activity with respect to your blog across various social networking websites. HowSociable has developed the scale of magnitude from 0 to 10, 10 being the highest. So if your blog’s Brand Magnitude is 0, it means that your social media presence is poor. Your blog has had very few clicks and shares through the social network you shared it on. A magnitude of 10 would mean you’re up for an advertising deal!
HowSociable has six years of experience and carried out more than 250, 000 brand measurements with reliable results. A strict private policy ensures your personal data is not sold or misused.

The Platforms

Social media has expanded not only in its reach but also in its variety and number of platforms. There are as many as three dozen social media platforms on which the activity on your blog is tracked for measuring the magnitude. It comprises of Amazon, eBay, Blogger, WordPress, Dig, Quora, Pinterest and many others along with the social media giants Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google Plus.
A cumulative of activities happening on these platforms outlines your social media presence and hence defines your blog’s Brand Magnitude.

The calculationsocial media presence

Re-tweets, Facebook shares or Quora mentions are the keys in the calculation. Activities on your blog in the recent week are marked compared to other brands. For instance, your tech blog may be compared with eBay’s tech blog to get a good idea of your blog’s magnitude.
With all the help of basic comparisons and shares, the Brand Magnitude is fixed depending on your social media presence. The collective magnitude and network-wise magnitude is available for you in minutes.

Impact on your WordPress blog

The magnitude will help you analyze your blog’s position in the market. It will also tell you which social media platform perfectly suits your blog. Traffic generation and management can be done by using the analysis and inferences. You can reach the farthest corners of the world using the specified social media path.
Distributed traffic on other blogs can be concentrated on your blog with help of Brand Magnitude. You can identify and target specific audience more effectively.
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