What’s Reddit anyway?

It’s a site which collects, aggregates and displays information provided by registered users. The content supplied by users is presented on the home page in the form of ‘subreddits’. ‘Subreddits’ are automatically generated and based on popularity and votes given by users. Usually , Reddit contains content which is hot and happening around our world.

Getting started with Reddit
After you have completed the formalities of registering with Reddit , you have to select or subscribe to ‘subreddits’ which you are interested in. These will be shown on the home page of Reddit once you log on to the site.

Reddit is democratic
Here ‘Democratic’ term is not used in the sense of an institution but a process. The decision about which ‘subreddits ‘ get published on the home page is dependent on the choice of users. Registered users can ‘upvote’ and ‘downvote ‘ specific topics which results in an overall score which ultimately decides the fate of these items. There is an element of fuzzy logic which is introduced in the process to avoid spamming but Reddit management claims that everything evens out in the end – by which they mean that popular items win their position by merit.

Reddit is fun
Content displayed on Reddit home page is fresh – like freshly baked pie. It’s hot and happening. It’s also great fun. You get to know about the latest buzz making the rounds and maybe get some juicy gossip if you are lucky. Never mind that Reddit users might take offence if you call their content frivolous.

Reddit means SEO

Getting started with Reddit takes on a different meaning for the search engine vultures – or shall we call them pigeons? The backlinks you can get from the Reddit site can be worth their weight in gold. Popular items which get displayed on the home page can fetch over millions of hits and this can decide the fate of your search optimization efforts. Getting catapulted to iconic status is a distinct possibility. Reddit can be big news for SEO guys.

Reddit means discovery

For ordinary folks, getting started with Reddit may just be the beginning of the road to discovery. Why flip through thousands of web pages and frustrating Google searches when you can get the latest information on your favourite subject right here on Reddit? If you choose the right ‘subreddits’ you can get information you desire very quickly.


Getting started with Reddit is simple and fun. The site is full of latest information on various topics and has something of interest for everyone. Search optimization professionals can use Reddit as a powerful tool to draw huge audiences and visitors to their own target site. As such, it’s a treasure house of information.