Yahoo Answers is a bizarre platform. It gets a lot of strange questions – and some even stranger answers – every single day. Delve a little deeper, however, and you’ll find a real community of subject matter experts sharing their knowledge. At first glance, it may even seem a little outdated and, frankly, forgotten about; that is completely false. Yahoo Answers has an active user base of over 90 million people worldwide. However, with all of the trolls and the weird questions, how do you use the popular Q&A platform to promote your business or website? Fortunately, I’m going to cover that topic today!

Utilize your Expert Knowledge

Whenever you’re performing content marketing, one of your main methods of gaining the trust of your potential customers should be by showing them that you’re an expert in your field. Luckily, Yahoo Answers offers a category-based system. By using these categories to your advantage, you can reach any of Yahoo’s user base that might not have even heard of your product, service, or website.

Once you’ve created an account there, review the available categories. Take the time to browse any subsections that are even loosely relevant to your field – check the questions that people are asking, and the answers that are being given. Think you can do better?

Of course you can!

Provide Valuable Answers

With your account in place and your chosen categories selected, you can begin answering questions. I’d advise you to look for new questions with few answers, as your answer is more likely to gain traction on those than it would on questions that already have quality answers in place. Your priority here should be on questions that haven’t yet received a “best answer” – as that will give you the opportunity to get the coveted “best answer” spot!

There are a few key things an answer must have if it stands any chance of being considered the best of the lot:

• Make sure you answer the question asked – this might seem silly, but when you really know your stuff about a subject, you may end up going off on a tangent and missing the point of the question altogether
• Avoid providing yes/no answers – support even your simplest answers with a little bit of background information
• Opinion answers are generally not worthwhile, as there is no definitive “best answer”
• Don’t spend too long on one question – while spending an hour to answer may guarantee you the best answer, you could have used that time to answer even more questions and had a shot at getting the top spot on multiple threads

The Importance of the “Best Answer”

When a question has been answered fully, the person who has asked the question can vote for their favourite answer. Regardless of the category, and irrespective of the question asked, your number on goal on Yahoo Answers should be for every answer that you provide to be voted as the best answer. By hitting this mark, your answer will be placed right beneath the question – and that means more people get to see your answer.

How will this help your promotion efforts, though? Fortunately, Yahoo Answers allows you to provide references for your answers via links. While these may be no follow links, meaning they’ll have little impact on your SEO, they will be visible to the public – and that means that quality answers with high visibility can yield an enormous amount of traffic!

Try Yahoo Answers Today!

If you’ve been looking for ways to expand your marketing efforts and increase the number of visitors to your website, Yahoo Answers is definitely worth trying. By being systematic with the categories you choose to answer questions on and ensuring that you provide value with every single answer, you can reap the rewards that being an expert in your given field can provide – and it takes very little effort!