Once again the power of video has been revealed – even if it’s just seven seconds long. Just seven seconds, you may be wondering? What can you do in sutwitter vine app ch a short time? But the answer is in the name – Twitter vine app. If Twitter can rule with just 140 characters, so can Vine app within 7 seconds. Let’s see what businesses are able to do within this short span of time.

What’s Twitter vine app?
Twitter Vine app is an application which displays video on mobile devices for a short period of seven seconds. It’s an adjunct to the text based Twitter and works in a similar fashion except that the content is in video format. Since the length of the clip is restricted to seven seconds, one has to be creative to get the message across in this short time. Though this may seem like a huge limitation, in actual fact, it turns out to be an advantage due to the limit attention span required.

Demonstrating products and services
Everyone is aware that television commercials are limited to twenty seconds or less, but no one has questioned the short time duration. In fact, many businesses feel that viewers have an extremely limited attention span and to accommodate this fact, ads should be shorter and carry more punch. Product demonstrations can very well be shown in seven seconds and can have a huge impact. A product demo can be split into several parts to emphasize its salient features.

Spread the word – Branding
The power of message is in repetition. Constant and repeated exposure to a brand leads to a permanent impression on the minds of buyers. Twitter Vine app can be used to blitz your message. Of course, it is advisable not to overdo the act and annoy prospective customers.

Conduct video contests
This is a wonderful way to attract people. Video contests which are limited to seven seconds visuals are extremely popular and used widely. However one must remember that video contests must be original and creative.

Announce discounts and offers
What better way to substitute a text Tweet with a Vine app video? Vine app is perhaps the most suited platform to announce discounts and offers. By their very nature discounts are valid for a limited time period and Vine app videos can quickly and effectively disseminate information.

Ingredients of a successful Vine App
Not all videos are made equal. You must ensure that your seven seconds on the mobile are worth looking at. You have to be creative, inventive and have innate marketing savvy to carry a good piece of Video. The focus of your video must be maintained and the message must be clear. Fuzzy and clumsy videos can be irritating and may actually damage your reputation.

Using videos to cover several marketing tasks using Twitter Vine app is practical and has been demonstrated to be effective. Creating visually appealing videos is an art which has to be mastered if you wish to impress your viewers and you have seven seconds to do it.