social mediaIf you are a worldwide brand, you need to be producing social media and blog content that is connecting with your audience or customers during their prime time. That can be a24 hour a day, seven day a week, 365 day a year type of job. Obviously, an already busy entrepreneur or small business owner does not have that kind of time. However, with scheduling tools you actually can crank out content around the clock while producing it all at once.

1. Schedule Blog Posts

The first things that you can schedule are blog posts, which are also the easiest thing to schedule in your Internet and social media outreach. The most popular blogging platform is WordPress, which has the built in functionality to enable you to schedule posts easily. After you finish your post, instead of clicking on the post now button, set a scheduled time and click the new button that is available to schedule the post.

Try to target high-volume times. People tend to read news and blogs on the Internet in the morning, at lunch, at the end of the workday and during the prime time portion of the evening. So, if you are posting four things, it might make more sense to schedule them for 7 a.m., 12 p.m., 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. than to throw them all out in the morning.

2. Schedule Tweets and Pipe to Facebook

You can also schedule tweets pretty easily through software like TweetDeck, which means that you can have an around the clock presence on Twitter. This means that after all of your blog posts are scheduled, you can schedule corresponding tweets to promote them. Just make sure that you do not promote the blog posts before they go live, as the links will probably be dead.

In addition, since there are ways to have your tweets automatically go to Facebook when they contain certain hashtags, you can include those in your scheduled tweets to schedule Facebook updates as well.

3.  Produce Social Media Content in Batches

Now that you have the weapon of automation on you side, you can produce your social media content en masse. This is effective for you in a number of ways. Not only can you have a more all-encompassing social media presence, but you can also improve your time management and productivity.

Research shows that if you are doing similar tasks, bunching them together will save time. This is why you are better off checking your e-mail only a few times a day and answering new messages all at once, for example. Apply that same type of logic to your social media content and you can put more material out in less time.

4.  Don’t Forget to Interact

Here’s the one catch. You do still need to interact with people through social media in order to get the full effects. I recommend checking your social media after you check your e-mail, which should get you into the habit of checking your social media a few times a day. You can then respond to replies or answer some of the tweets that you find interesting on your timeline.

Remember that you need to participate in the give and take of social media in order to earn some allies who will be more inclined to share your content with others if they know that you might do the same as well.

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