twitter marketing Twitter has grown into a powerful marketing channel and tweeting is big business. However, there are many nuances in Twitter vocabulary which can convert a simple tweet into a potent marketing message. Though there are over a few hundred terms listed in Twitter website, some are more popular and widely used. Understanding Twitter Vocabulary is a must for creating and delivering powerful messages.

Tweet and Tweet again
A Tweet is a short message no longer than 140 characters. All Twitter messages or Tweets have to be composed within this limit. Though it may seem ironic, the limitation of length actually leads to better communication. As they say, brevity is the soul of wit and intelligence.

Everything Begins With a Name
In Twitter parlance, this is called a handle. Don’t ask why your username is called by such a funny name, but it makes a vast difference to your stay on Twitter. Choose a name which closely resembles what you wish to accomplish on this social platform.

Follow The Leader Or Anyone Who Matters
There are a few term which you must already be aware of – Follow, To Follow and Follow Back.

Follow is a simple term which is used when you wish to keep abreast of tweets from a particular account. If you ‘Follow’ someone, it means that you are subscribed to his or her account and will receive all Tweets made from that account.

‘To Follow’ also refers to following Tweets from another account.

‘Follow back’ is a term used when a particular person wants to reciprocate the subscription from another account. This is a popular term because, in general, Twitter users follow or follow back when they have mutual interests. This vocabulary is also important because it serves the purpose of creating a vibrant Twitter community. It has been seen that use of follow back results in better communication and marketing.

A message meant for all
Preceding a handle with a @ represents that the following message is for public consumption. In a way you can call it CC to all, in email parlance. The symbol @ can be embedded anywhere inside the body of the message.

The Hashtag #
This is perhaps the most important part of Twitter vocabulary or term. The hashtag or # preceding any word means that the message would be categorized and can be accessed by everyone under one single subject. For example, #twittervocab would lead to a list of all messages which are related to twitter vocabulary. You can access information on a particular subject by searching for the term by preceding it with a hashtag.

Tweet Once Again
This is called a retweet. This is how tweets and messages go viral. You have to be careful while crafting the original message and leave enough space for retweets.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of Twitter vocabulary. A new term is invented every day or maybe every hour. This adds to the folklore of Twitter. Now you know that much can happen within the bounds of 140 characters.