Modern technology has changed the world of business and marketing for good. While the good old days of classified ads hasn’t died (yet), companies and individuals need to turn to digital marketing to remain competitive. Whether you’re new to social media marketing or not, here is the ultimate list of social platforms that you should have a social media marketing strategy for.


These days it seems as though everybody and their granny are on Facebook and that is because they are. With over one billion active users, Facebook is the kingpin of social media platforms—and that means it should definitely be a primary focus of your online marketing efforts. Creating a Facebook page for your business ventures is as easy as pie, and if you already have a business page then make sure that you have completed every single piece of information; the more your audience knows about you, the more they will trust you!


Once touted to compete with Facebook, Twitter’s success has stalled in recent years. Some people are even worried that it could go the same way as Myspace and Bebo. For now, though, the platform still has over half a million active users and the people Twitter HQ are certain that they’ll be able to revive the brand—and I’m inclined to believe them. Creating an account is simple, and once you have got your head around the hashtags, your marketing efforts could soon be rewarded very handsomely indeed.


Starting life as a FourSquare copycat, Instagram quickly realized something: their app wasn’t being used quite how they had expected it to be. Fortunately, the then two-man team pivoted and made photo sharing Instagram’s primary purpose. A few tweaks and a billion-dollar buyout later and we have the image sharing behemoth that we all know and love. If you produce photographic or video content and do not use Instagram, I recommend that you stop reading this and create an account right now! Do remember that you’ll need to download the application on your smartphone or tablet first, as Instagram do not allow you to create an account via desktop browser.


Google’s enormous video platform, YouTube, connects over a billion users worldwide. From major networks and corporations to homemade content creators, YouTube allows people to publish quality material for free—and video creators can even get paid for their efforts! If you produce lengthy videos for your business and do not upload them to YouTube then you may need to book an appointment with a psychiatrist!


The “big four” are all household names. You’ve probably heard of them, you quite likely use at least one of them, and you may be looking for less obvious avenues for marketing your products or services. Fear not—this post isn’t called the ultimate list of social media marketing platforms for no reason! Depending on your target audience and the ways in which you’d like to interact with them, you may find success in any (or all!) of the following formats:

• Google+
• The Vine
• Linkedin
• Pinterest
• Snapchat
• WhatsApp
• Skype
• Soundcloud
• Yahoo Answers
• Quora
• Reddit
• 4chan

Even with all of the above taken into consideration, you will still never find a complete list of places to build on your social marketing strategy online; new platforms are created every single day! Innovation and interactivity are the driving forces behind social media’s success, and leveraging those aspects for your own ventures should be one of your biggest ambitions. Good luck!