Social mediaIf you are annoyed by the short form of Tweets or overwhelmed by big blog formats, here is the perfect solution for you – Tumblr. This platform falls midway between the two options – a microblogging site with capability of a full blown blog. Joining this great platform is easy. Here are some Tumblr basic guidelines.

Getting started with Tumblr
Joining Tumblr is quite simple really. All you need is an email address and a wee bit of imagination to choose a password and you are done. Of course you have to decide on a name for your blog. The time taken to set up a blog on Tumblr is exactly two minutes and some have done it in less. You can also choose a custom domain once you have completed the initial formalities.

What puts Tumblr in a different league from other blogging sites and also Twitter is its capability to allow posting in various formats. You can include the usual text and embellish it with photos and quotes. You can have audio and video as part of your post. Vlogging is a pleasurable task with Tumblr. You can even embed links into posts. What more can you ask for?
You can have different blog formats like group and private blogs which are protected by password. Tumblr basic guidelines are simple to follow unlike some complicated brethren blogging sites.

Creating and using themes
You need not sweat about selection of themes in Tumblr. There are hundreds you can choose from and even design your own if you are adventurous enough. What is likeable about Tumblr is the customization which you can accomplish without any knowledge of HTML or CSS. This is a relief for many who usually run from the first sound of code. Of course, the bold can always create their own beautiful themes.

Unique features of Tumblr
What differentiates Tumblr from other blogging sites is the ability to follow and reblog from the dashboard – something similar to Twitter. You only need to know some basic guidelines to be up and about with Tumblr. This functionality to follow brings a different dimension of versatility in use of Tumblr.
Bookmarklet for the lazy bloggers
This is good news for lazy bloggers. You just have to drag content to the bookmarks toolbar and you are done. It’s a great relief to busy bees too, who can simply use content from anywhere on the net. Don’t even ask about copyright and stuff like that.

Earning with Tumblr
Developers can create and sell their own themes on Tumblr, though the exact size of the market for these themes is fuzzy. There are some limitations which do not form a part of Tumblr basic guidelines. You must dig deeper into the documentation if you want to experiment with public themes.

Tumblr as a blogging platform is versatile and can be used like Twitter and as a blogging platform. Registration is easy and quick. Tumblr basic guidelines are sufficient to get you started with blogging.