“Social media is changing the way we communicate and the way we are perceived, both positively and negatively. Every time you post a photo, or update your status, you are contributing to your own digital footprint and personal brand.” – Amy Jo Martin

social mediaHave you met people who seem to be completely different in person than their persona on the web? Social media can make a commonplace event look fascinating. These platforms allow users to meet new people, share their photos as well as their views. The whopping number of celebrities on these sites evinces the impact of social media. Today, Facebook and Whatsapp are not the only players in the market. 2015 offers a plethora of apps and some new and happening social networking sites that have added oomph to the virtual world.

Following are a few social media platforms you must not miss out on.

  • Whisper: Taking an inspiration from Facebook’s ‘Confessions’ pages, this app allows you to write an anonymous post, along with a picture. It puts your thoughts and emotions in front of the world and help you meaningful relationships around a trusted community. It is available on both Android and iOS systems.
  • Bubblews: This site helps you spread your creativity in a fun and rewarding way. It may not be available as a mobile app but the users get paid if their posts become famous and liked my people, which makes it a lucrative platform if you are a creative person. But, being famous also attracts advertisers and The users can register for free and write posts based on 15 categories provided. The website pays for posts that attract advertisers.
  • Dubsmash: This app has an edge over Snapchat. It allows users to record their own videos and choose from a list of famous quotes that are dubbed in their video. It has already garnished huge number of users and has spread fun across 192 countries.
  • Bubbly: Bubbly is like Twitter and Instagram for your voice. You can record voice messages using this social network. Moreover, you can add effects using cool filter and background music to these messages and share them over the social media.
  • NOKNOK: Want to know what your secret sobriquet is? This app helps you find out. Using NOKNOK you can know how people have saved your name as a phone contact. Your friends also chat anonymously with you. This app makes it fun to tease your friend and to get teased while guessing who the person is.
  • Vine: Vine has become very popular after Twitter acquired it. It is one of those platform where you create short 6 seconds looping video, which are always fun to watch. People have also starting to use Vine to earn some quick bucks. As more times your vine get watched the more popular it becomes, the the more popular it is, the more chances of it becoming a money making machine through various sources.
  • Medium: Medium brings out the writer. It is basically a blog publishing platform which is founded by Twitter co-founders Evan Williams and Biz Stone. Now the platform has evolve into a hybrid non-professional writers to professional one, and the paid contributions too.
  • We Heart It: There is nothing better that justifies the phrase ‘a picture says a thousand words’ than this beautiful platform. Over here, you could save a collection of quotes, search for background wallpapers, view pictures that match your mood, find images for an art or fashion collage, upload your top inspirations from your photo gallery, and get updated on news through images of the latest styles, for free.
  • OoVoo: In competition with Skype, Oovoo has some smart and new features. It allows users to chat in groups of upto 12 people. The app offers free video, voice and text messaging with a list of approved contacts.
  • BurnNote: Similar to Snapchat, but only limited to text messages, this app uses the self destruct functionality to destroy your messages once it is read at the receiver’s end. The messages self destruct after a set period of time. Users can send a BurnNote to anyone, including those who do not use the app.
  • Tinder: Its is a dating app wherein users can find matches within specified mile-radius of their location. On finding a match, you can chat within the app. With the feature of swiping right to like and left for pass, it becomes real easy to find a perfect match for you. With over 6 billion matches already, it is one of the hottest app on our list.
  • Yik Yak: These days, people like being anonymous. And mobile apps and site are increasing allowing users to be anonymous. So, again some smart people thought of an idea and developed Yik Yak. Yik Yak is effectively an anonymous bulletin board. The post are read by people around a 10 mile radius, which is set using the location settings. This makes it more relevant to people reading the posts.
  • MeetMe:  The basic idea behind this app is to connect people with shared interests near you. You can also chat and secretly admire a ‘Match’. It is not just a dating app though but you the idea is to create a community of similar interest people.
  • Rinbw: rinbw allows you to view the status of any of your friends in your phonebook as 5 second video clips. With rinbw, you can see your friends’ status before calling or texting them. In an interesting way this app lets you know people better through the short clips they upload.
  • Secret: The idea behind Secret came from a desire to send an anonymous love letter. The only hint being that it comes from someone on your facebook list or your phonebook.

Thus, you have a variety of social media apps and networking sites to choose from in order to make a mark, meet new people or just chat with your buddies.