social media tools to schedule tweet postIf you want to be consistent with your social media marketing or if you have a global audience, you simply have to spread out your tweets and posts. You obviously want to schedule it based on when your listeners are most likely to be around , so that you can ensure your messages reach a large audience.

Here are some ways to free you from the Social Media chains with free tweet scheduling tools that will also help in your social media marketing strategy.

1. HootSuite

HootSuite (has a 30-day free trial) is by far one of the most popular Social Media Management tools as it provides users with the chance to schedule your tweets and posts, assign conversations to users on your team and track who is saying what. It is super-comprehensive to say the least.

HootSuite not only has an interface but custom analytics, social media marketing strategy, messaging management and mobile app security. HootSuite has its own algorithm to determine when to best send your Tweets and is fully functional both on your desktop and mobile device. HootSuite is a paid app starting from $5.99/month to different packages for different usages.

2.  BufferApp


BufferApp is a tweet scheduling tool which is all about scheduling tweets and posts and is quite easy to use and can work on multiple accounts. This application features a browser tool so when you find something that interests you and want to share across your social media accounts, all you have to do is to “add it” to you Buffer which schedules your tweets and posts according to a predefined schedule that you set. On the free plan, you can only connect to one of each social profile and for multiple connects, it is $10/month

3. Tweetdeck

Tweetdeck is an awesome Twitter tool with a great interface for your timeline, interactions, lists, searches, and chats for people who like to set a specific time for a specific tweet. All you have to do is install TweetDeck and follow the instructions; its only hitch is that you have to do it all manually. This is a free social media tool.

4. Tweet Old Post

Tweet old post is a WordPress plugin that brings in significant traffic automatically and Schedules tweets and posts which can be new and old as well. You can choose the time between tweets and include various links back to your site and use hash-tags as well. If you don’t want old posts getting re-tweeted you can specify a time limit and also exclude categories and posts. The plugin is free and will take just minutes to install and setup.

  1. SocialOomph

SocialOomph is a productivity enhancement services for social media users where you can do way more than just schedule Twitter posts. Download it and you can program posts, which it sends emails to you of references of your keywords on Twitter. SocialOomph is free while SocialOomph Professional is a paid social media tool.