twitter analytics toolsWhy Twitter Analytics Tools?

Marketing is a very important aspect in modern word and it is a compulsory strategy that every entrepreneur and businessman should adopt to advertise their product on a global stage. And what better platform can a businessman get than the various social networking platforms. One of such platforms is Twitter, which is most utilized by businessmen to market their products and services. In Twitter, news can spread like wildfire among the entire user community which stands a 40 million strong.

But to make fruitful use of Twitter, marketers should also track their performance and whether they are able to actually reach out to the target audience. And if they are able to connect to the users, the question still stands, are their products or services well perceived? To keep tab of these verticles and even more, Twitter analytics tools can prove to be a huge help. So lets dig in and find out more.

10 twitter analytics tools.

  1. – It is a very useful too and allows a marketer to search by keyword and lets them know, how many people have been reached. TweetReach also notifies them about the number of impressions made, the types of tweets sent by percentage and who are responsible behind the tweets. These consolidated charts produced are easy to export and can be extremely fruitful during presentations. This tools can be very beneficial to businessmen, who want to track the popularity of their product and also the verdict of the common masses. However TweetReach comes at a price, but is definitely worth the investment.
  2. – Among all twitter analytics tools, this tool is most preferred for researching on keywords or topics. Twazzup provides marketers with the most popular links, recent news links, and the most recent tweets and images being shared, real time on Twitter. Using this tool marketers can link their product, service or business, to stay on top of Twitter activity thus creating ample impetus.
  3. – Retweeting or sharing a tweet is a well known functionality used to spread the word, and BackTweets emphasizes on this functionality to tell a businessman, who has been sharing links or specific tweets on Twitter. It also provides an idea of the sheer volume being shared. There is a paid as well as free version of this too, but the free version is adequate enough to do the job.
  4. – Topsy is an amalgamation of Twazzup and BackTweets, giving marketers a report of the most popular links, depending on a keyword while mentioning the number of shares per link. The only glitch of the tool is that, it doesn’t sort overall popularity, but merely popularity during a specific timeframe.
  5. – Currently, this is one of the most useful twitter analytics tool. Trendistic comes into play while dealing with very popular topics/ keywords. This provides an idea to the marketer about the increased or decreased popularity of a trending topic. Once received, this theory can be successfully exploited by businessmen to link it to an event or announcement. For example, Trendistic can be used to compare a brand, topic or service with universally popular ones, like Olympics or Apple.
  6. – The main purpose of Foller is to perform competitor analysis. It provides marketers a basic insight into accounts that they don’t manage. It provides the geography of the account’s followers, key hashtags used and the common topics featured. Even a snapshot of the account interactions are provided, which provides valuable insight about the competitor’s approach and strategies.
  7. / – Both these tools are similar and provides marketers the feel of someone else’s Twitter account by showing their activities and usage. It produces clean and detailed data which is helpful to make solid conclusions about how that specific account is being used. The data presented by this tool are, tweets per day, list of most shared websites, percentage showing the most interacted with user and much more. Due to API restrictions only the most recent activity gets displayed, but it is really useful when that account is active and talking about current affairs.
  8. The Archivist – Archivist is the most useful twitter analytics tool for tracking hashtags or keywords on an ongoing basis. It circumvents Twitter’s API limits by saving all the tweets mentioning the marketer’s keywords to their account. In this way a businessman can view things the number of Tweets over a specific period, the most popular users by volume and the top URLs shared. This is most effective, when a company or an individual is about to launch a campaign along with a specific hashtag. All they need to do is, set up a file and start keeping tabs on the associated activity.
  9. – As the name suggests, TweetVolume provides the number of times a keywords / brand was mentioned. Users can also use this tool to compare two brands, and it would provide the overall mention stats over a period of 24 hours, a week or a year. It is most useful during a product launch to find out the progress made by 3 to 4 different retailers and thus to determine the population penetration for products or services.
  10. – The TwitterCounter is one of the most popular twitter analytics tools. It providers users and marketer with a bunch of statistics as well as predicts the number of followers, which sometimes can be immensely helpful. The graph generated by this tool is plotted around Twitter output versus follower numbers. This indicates the marketers, how well their product is being received. The slope derived from this graph shows whether there is rise or fall in their products’ popularity or reach. It is a really innovative way to track a business and respond according to the needs and demands of the consumers.

In a nutshell, the twitter analytics tools provides transparency between a business and their customers, which provide a decent feedback and talks tons about a brand’s consumer satisfaction. Twitter has also opened it analytics for everyone sometime back. So, apart from all these tools,  twitter analytics tools in general could prove to be a leader in near future. For this very reason, Twitter is currently at the pinnacle among other internet marketing platforms.