Quora may feature in barely 10% of your social media conversations today – but it is an awesome place to stay connected with your customers, your colleagues and experts in your field of interest. Based on a simple question & answer model, it gives you an opportunity to keep abreast of common problems, latest trends & future predictions in your line of business.
You can follow topics relevant to your business and pitch in whenever possible , helping out with answers and opinions – A wonderful way to share your knowledge.

Be sure not to turn your Quora presence solely into a link building exercise though – contribute only when you have something helpful and relevant to add.
The main reason why I am a big fan of Quora is that it is like attending a networking conference without having to actually travel anywhere – Even if you don’t have the time to actively participate and respond to questions, simply listening by following trending questions or topics , also helps you get a pulse of what’s going on around you.

Over to you – Do tell us your experience with Quora