Having a really successful, engaging social media campaign is fantastic, but if it’s not taking people to your website and getting them engaging with your products, then you could argue that it is failing its job, or at least a part of its job.

If you feel like your strategy is falling short at this hurdle, we’re here to help. Here are some top, and surprisingly simple ways you can improve your click-through rate to your website from your social media pages and posts.

Make sure your profile pages link there

Making it as clear and as easy for people to click through to your website is arguably the most important thing you can do. This will include making the links to the site accessible and easy to find. Therefore you should make sure that on each of your social pages, included in your bio is a link to your site that users can easily identify and click on.

Include links in your posts

You should actively link in some of your content and social posts to your website, but there are things to take into consideration before you start linking at every opportunity. First and foremost, social media is meant to be just that – social – so inundating your followers with links to your sites suggests an agenda and is spammer behaviour. Instead, spread out these types of posts over time reminding your followers of your site, and linking them to certain relevant pages or products as you do.

Include a strong call to action

When you are including a link to your site in your social posts, you should also include a strong call to action for people to click on it. This can be as simple as ‘visit our website here’ to make sure people know exactly what you want them to do and where you want them to go. Calls to actions in posts generate a much higher click through rate and engagement rates, as they are clear in their message.

Encourage shares and retweets of posts

You should also encourage as many people as possible to get retweeting and sharing your posts so that more people will get to see it. As a rule, the more people that see them, the more clicks you’ll get, so this is a good tactic to start seeing that conversion rate slowly improve. Sharing your posts with relevant, key industry experts is also a really good idea for getting your content out there to as wide an audience as possible, too.