Twitter is the ideal platform to showcase your business – both who you are and what you do. It’s a great way to highlight you as thought leaders in your industry, and to show that you’re interested in relevant news and trends to your sector.

However, due to the swift posting nature of this platform, upping your engagement rate can be really difficult. And if people aren’t engaging with your tweets, it will be a pretty pointless venture. Therefore we’ve come up with some top tips to help you increase this rate to help build meaningful relationships and get your voice heard to those who matter to you.

Join in relevant conversations

Twitter is the ideal platform for having a conversation as it’s so easy and quick to talk to someone. You can find relevant conversations to your business by keeping an eye on industry leaders and what they’re talking about, (and also by following your competitors). You can also search for conversations using relevant hashtags which is really useful, too.

Tag people and companies in your tweets

Tagging people in your tweets is one of the best ways to increase your chances of getting a reply or any form of engagement as the person will get a notification to alert them that you’ve mentioned them in your tweet. Therefore when you’re quoting someone or trying to reach out to someone, always make sure you use the correct Twitter handle for that individual or business.

Reach out to people

Similarly, actually going out there and actively seeking out people to target and engage with is an additional way of increasing your engagement. You can simply introduce yourself and your company to people you’d like to connect with, or just simply reply to their tweets.

Live tweet from events

Tweeting from important events in your field such as conferences, classes or presentations is a really great way of getting that engagement rate up as you’re likely to come across like minded individuals who are doing exactly the same thing. Tweeting lie from important events is also a great way to assert your authority and thirst for knowledge to your followers, also.

Ask questions to your followers

If you want your followers to reply to your tweets, it’s a good idea to give them something they can actually easily respond to. This generally refers to interesting, relevant and topical questions. Asking your followers their opinion on an important subject can be a great way of getting replies, and also of showing your followers that you respect and value their thoughts and opinions.