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In recent times on social media, we’re really seeing the importance of the people behind the numbers in terms of following, and the emphasis on getting the numbers up as high as possible is being replaced by a different number – engagement rate. Even if you have a million followers, if only a thousand of them are actively engaging with you, then your content and general strategy is arguably failing.

To help in solving this problem, particularly on Twitter, we’ve listed some of the top tips for building and boosting loyalty with your followers, for maximum trust and a higher engagement rate.

Scrap automation and bring back meaningful interactions

Features like chatbots and other automated messaging services are creeping up on lots of different platforms at the moment, but they can often leave followers feeling disengaged and ignored. Instead of the standard automated messages, thanking people for following, etc, take the time to send meaningful, personalised messages to show your followers that you don’t see them as just another number on your feed.

Start the conversation

All too often brands rely on their customers and followers to reach out to them and start the conversation. However, clever brands are recognising the opportunity to get in there first, by starting the conversation and showing and interest in their followers’ opinions and thoughts. Depending on how many people you follow, your home feed may be fairly chaotic to say the least, so segment the people you want to speak to into Twitter lists and start scrolling through your lists before reviewing your notifications, and aim to respond to at least one or two with a personalised tweet asking for their thoughts, or sending a general message.

Add personalisation to your responses with short videos

The Twitter video reply feature is massively underused by brands, which is a huge shame as they hold so much potential for loyalty building and for meaningful interactions. Instead of replying to people or tweeting them as you normally would, you can record a video up to 2 minutes and 20 seconds in length and send that to people natively and quickly, all from within the Twitter mobile app. This will really help you to stand out on Twitter, as not many brands are doing this consistently at the moment.

Respond to your direct messages

Direct messages are most generally used for customer service and support, and therefore actually showing up in your direct messaging conversations is absolutely vital, especially due to the fact that Twitter now will allow any users to send you a direct message if you’ve turned on the feature in your settings.