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Showcasing your brand’s story via social media should be at the forefront of any social strategy, and one development in particular that is helping to make that slightly more interesting is the addition of actual ‘stories’ on the likes of Snapchat and Instagram.

These stories allow users to post videos and still images throughout a 24 hour period that work to tell a particular narrative. As with both channels, the stories are only available for 24 hours before they disappear completely. So, how do brands leverage these storytelling tools to connect with their audience, and showcase what makes their brand special?

Make use of the different features

Stories allow you to get really creative, because as well posting either images or videos, you can also edit them so they’re even more personalised and fun. For example, on Snapchat you can add fun (and pretty silly) filters to your content as well as the standard text, and you can even draw over the images and videos in your story on Snapchat and Instagram too.

Get the wider team involved

Your stories provide you with the ideal platform to get the whole team involved, and to show your audience what goes on behind the scenes in your company. Send out emails asking for volunteers for those who are happy to be in your stories. If you don’t get much traction on this, you can ask them for their suggestions on how to make it more exciting and interesting, and you can even offer incentives for involvement, too.

Don’t worry about it not looking polished

Whilst it might be quite difficult to post something that doesn’t look 100% beautiful as it would normally on your Instagram feed, stories are designed to be more relaxed, informal and Lo-Fi, meaning that you don’t have to put endless hours into perfecting the ideal shot. Instead, think carefully about the actual content instead of the way it looks.

Conduct a Q&A

With the video stories in particular, this is a great opportunity for you to create short pieces of content that provide real value to your audience. One of these types of content includes Q&As, where you can ask your followers to submit a question to a member of your team, and then you answer it in the story.

Announce limited sales or contests

Due to the fact that the content is only around for 24 hours, you can use this at your advantage to portray a sense of urgency with things like flash sales or quick contests. You can announce them via your stories and use the rest of your feed to help build a buzz around them.