ICONWhen was the last time you sent an SMS? Probably, you don’t even remember. Modern chatting apps have been such a revolution that even social networking sites have been endangered thanks to their all inclusive avatar!

SnapChat looks at communication from a very different perspective. Launched in July 2011, the app enabled users to share their jovial moments through photos or ‘snaps’. In consequent years, the features have been enhanced with the addition of video sharing and texting facilities. It is now a full-fledged chatting app that preserves its unique quality through distinctive features.

SnapChat – Unique and Efficient
SnapChat intends to preserve the ‘human’ nature of conversations. You can send texts, pictures and videos that vanish within few seconds after they are seen. On one hand, it takes care of your privacy; on the other, it engages you in a brisk and candid conversation.
The photos and videos you share are referred to as ‘snaps’. Texts and snaps can be viewed for 10 seconds, after which they disappear. So you don’t have a reason to complain that your friends don’t pay attention to your conversation. From message delivery to reply, everything is instant. The app also provides a ‘Here’ functionality that tells you that a friend is available to chat, with all his time.
The posts you intend to share for longer periods are called ‘SnapChat Stories’. These are like your Facebook posts – a link is created especially for the content you share. Except in SnapChat, it is kept live only for 24 hours. SnapChat’s acquisition of AddLive means that you can also video chat. Stats in May 2014 reveal a whooping 500 million views per day for ‘SnapChat Stories’ and 700 million snaps sent per day (source: Wikipedia).

A Quest for Privacy
From the makers’ side, the emphasis is on privacy. From romantic messages to business data, SnapChat is ideal for sharing data that you want only the receiver to see. The app has been earnest in this quest. Social networking sites generally intend on collecting private data and channel advertorials with respect to your interests. SnapChat sincerely deletes your messages not just from the receiver’s device, but also from its own servers.
Another aspect of sharing something is its longevity. You do want to share something – a snap or may be a thought, but do not want the receiver to store it. It is a simple expectation that your personal data should be free from any misuse. The choice of sharing something permanently with someone should be yours.
SnapChat gives you that choice. It keeps a check on the receiver’s actions. On touch screen devices, the message or snap can be seen only till the receiver’s finger is on the screen. Try taking a screenshot and the mobile phone will probably slip out of your hand! A screenshot, if taken, is anyways reported to the sender.

A Wide User Base
An image sharing app ideally corresponds an era where selfies are a rage. SnapChat captivates on its core functionality where you can flaunt your clicks. Be it your nature trails, adventure sports or a casual visit to a shopping mall, you can share every moment here. It also surpasses individual boundaries to share snaps on a group.
Another selling point for SnapChat has been its stickers. Surveys report that people mainly use it for sending funny faces. The variety allows users to delve into quick emoticons that help them express completely. SnapKidz, a version of the app for children below 13 years, allows them to take and save snaps.
The app has been a hit in the business circuit as well. Many brands have used it to advertise and increase its customer base. Companies can use this platform to inform privileged customers about special deals they get, without the risk of hurting the newly built ones. Teasers, curtain raisers and glimpses of products to be launched can be provided to raise curiosity.
SnapChat has the technological sophistication of being compatible across systems. It runs on the iOS as well as Android. It can also be used on desktops with the help of Emulator Software, with some compromises in privacy.
The Next Big Thing
The disillusion from conventional social networking sites like Facebook is increasing thanks to the easy access to private data. The images can be easily downloaded, posts can be easily copied and profile data can be used for advertorial purposes. There is always a risk of privacy being breached and safety being compromised. Threatened cyber security is the next thing on the cards with such fallacies.
SnapChat helps you wander freely in the cyber world. Sharing has no strings attached and it means only people you know have access to your personal data. Its greatest strength is that it has its own grammar giving it a totally fresh feel. This proves to be a pleasant change in the way we communicate online.
SnapChat’s complete potential also remains unexplored. It can be safest way to convey security messages and top secrets. Also, the app has mainly been used in America; it can easily capture fancies of many nations in the world with its special appeal.