The power of social media is undeniable.

So are the results of it when someone applies this power to the best use.

People have got extraordinary results when they have properly executed campaigns and have demonstrated great social media success stories. But this doesn’t mean that everyone will get those kind of results while using social media, that’s why the mention of the word ‘properly’.

At the same time, the people who have successfully executed their campaigns do a lot of ground work. Like understanding their audience, geographical area, their competitors, analyzing the market and many other things.

There are no conventional methods that can prove that something will work, but people of social media admire those who do something new and innovative. You must be wondering can we do something new and innovative every time. You need to understand that there is no definition for innovation, it can be anything from a tip of a pen to a rocket propeller.

So, what one should do?

There is no perfect solution on how you can make it ones of those big social media success stories but there are certain things should keep in mind.

social media success stories– Monitor your brand

– Monitor your customers

– Monitor your competitors

– A smart and innovative idea

– And off-course, a well thought campaign

Keeping in mind these things you have very high chances of successfully implementing a campaign with your audience.

You may also take inspirations from brands that have successfully exercised the art of social media. For that we have compiled a list of success stories that are a must read for everyone. Each success story tells you about some new aspect of social media and how brands and businesses have used social media in the best possible way.

Check out a few social media success stories below:

  1. Look into how 3 small businesses(Herschel Supply Co., DAVIDsTEA, Serengetee) achieved huge customer appreciation on social media through social customer service and engagement. Click here
  2. Check out how the perception of B2B companies having a boring market on social media changed when these 3 multi-nationals(GE, American Express OPEN, Maersk Line) stepped into . Click here
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  4. See how these 8 big brands(eBay, Amazon,Intel, Walmart, etc.) went the hard way of content publishing and scored huge points. Click here
  5. Learn how these 3 biggies(Dell, McDonald’s, Denny’s) used some unconventional and out-of-the-box strategies to let their consumers speak for the brand and not them. Click here
  6. See how Kraft the makers of the world famous Oreo cookies created the most interesting and creative campaign. Click here
  7. A lot of new social media platforms have emerged, but how can these underdogs be helpful to you? Learn a few tips about how to make the most out of these emerging platforms, specially Instagram. Instagram leverages the window-shopping concept to boost brand engagement. It has recorded quite a few social media success stories of its own within a few months of existence. Click here

Do you have a success story to share? Let us know below in the comments section.