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Instagram truly is the social media marketer’s best friend. It’s popular, fun, easy to use and it’s free – what more could you want from a social media channel. Thanks to its visual nature, it’s also pretty much just a free form of advertising for businesses. Therefore it’s really important that your pictures and posts give as good a representation of your products and company as possible.

We’ve listed some top, tried and tested tips for how to style your Instagram photos so that they’re as impactful as possible to help you get the most out of this channel.

Keep it cohesive

Your Instagram feed should look beautiful when telling your brand’s story. It should also work to help build your brand’s image and identity. The way it will do this is by appearing uniform and recognisable – the photos that you post should be cohesive in their appearance so that people start to recognise your feed. Choose a filter and lighting technique and stick to them for all your posts so that they have a running theme throughout.

Choose a focus for your images

If you like the types of images that contain a lot of different objects, this can be a great way to tell a story in one, quick picture. However, these forms of posts can look a bit messy or misguided if they’re not well thought out, or executed well. Aim to pick one item or subject to be the main focus for your photos to give them more substance.

Get creative with the background and props

Even though Instagram is a mobile based app, that doesn’t mean you can’t take it really seriously. You can get really creative with things like effective backgrounds and fun props which can make all the difference to standard photos. Good backgrounds highlight the subject of the photo without being overpowering and competing. The props that you choose should be relevant and interesting, and should add to the story that your image is trying to tell.

Experiment with flat lays

You’ve probably seen a lot of flat lay photography on Instagram as they’re really popular and are a great way to showcase products and a brand’s story. The art of arranging objects in a visually pleasing way and shooting from above is something everyone can do to showcase nearly anything they want. Experiment with flat lays that form uniform, neat grids, or ones that are more ‘relaxed’ and casual.

Add text to your images

Images with texts are really popular as they communicate a message really swiftly and effectively. Adding text to your flat lay images are a great way of showcasing your products as well as getting your message out there – it’s a great 2 in 1.