Inbound marketing has completely changed the way a business used to be marketed. With the advent of online or inbound marketing, much more emphasis and focus was provided to letting the word out about you business on the internet. Online marketing currently captures such a vast share, that it is compulsory to make sure that you take every step properly and make the most out of all the marketing opportunities.
In online marketing, the biggest chuck or rather the most popular option is social media marketing. According to statistics, billions worldwide spends at-least 10% of their productive hours on various social media platforms. Hence marketing your business on these platforms has become a necessity. But with more and more business owners looking at these social platforms to showcase their brands, its high time that you find some innovative and useful way to catch the attention of your audience by taking the right steps at the right time. For this very reason we have come up with various social media trends and predictions for 2015. In the following section we will ponder upon various marketing practices that will make way in the upcoming year and how it can help your business catapult to success.

social media trends1. Video becomes the media of choice – According to comScore, Facebook surpassed YouTube in the category of number of video views, using a desktop in August 2014. Not only that Facebook also receive more video shares than YouTube. As Facebook is a core social sharing platform, sharing a video is the best way to get the word out while ensuring maximum population penetration. Not only that capturing a video using a decent smartphone is relatively easier that penning your review or thoughts for promoting your business.

2. Too much information to browse through – It is said that by 2020, the information pool of the World Wide Web would increase by over 600%. Then searching for a relevant information would be like finding a needle in a haystack. Also by then so much information would be encapsulated by various social network sites, that a lot of informative content would be out of organic reach of consumers. So as a marketer, you need to filter out the available information and opt for the genuine site that caters to your service or product preference. The upcoming year would notice the emergence of smart content filters like Zite, that will help you to pin point to the relevant website and sort the clutter.

Activity trackers3. The era of wearable gadgets – The wearable market is supposed to have a huge impact on social media marketing. The advent of smart watches from Apple, Motorola & various other Android vendors, will make social media accessible anywhere, anytime. It would lead to much more user engagement and thus making social media, a much potent platform for marketing. To top it off, the revolutionary Google Glass too would immense impact the social media circuit and further enhancing the appeal of these platforms for aggressive marketers. After all, with these wearable gadgets, the ease of access of social media would be shifted from a few clicks on mobile devices to turning your wrist or by merely blinking/ focusing.

4. SlideShare an indispensable tool for business professionals – SlideShare, is a major presentation distribution platform where all the contents pertaining to various topics, businesses and products are available in slide formats. In the past years we have noticed that the use of SlideShare has grown considerable especially for business professionals on LinkedIn. In 2015, SlideShare would allow users to add videos as well thus making it a hotspot for professionals. The representation of content in SlideShare is concise, precise and to the point, thus it proved to be so appealing to businessmen worldwide. As a marketer, if you cater to business to business clients, SlideShare is the place where you need to put all your attention.

5. Easy social conversion – So far marketers promote their website on various social media. They share content or information related to their business over these platforms, thus redirecting traffic to their website. If the user finds relevant information, he proceeds and procures the service or product. Such practices consists of a long chain of clicks, and is pretty time consuming. But in 2015, we can expect users to purchase product by simply tweeting about it. Also the introduction of Apple Pay wold make e-commerce and online purchasing much more easier and hassle

6. Paid Ads a necessity – Social networking behemoth Facebook has stopped organic promotion from January 2015, thus restricting the reach of a news feed or post. Hence to spread the word, paid has become an absolute necessity. Also the inclusion of Google Adwords at the top of every search has proved that to intensify the marketing of a brand you must resort to ads.

7. Rise of Google+ through local searches – By incorporating local searches, ample impetus would be provided to marketing of local business. It will also help Google+ expand. Once a business appears on Google results and has a account on the same, they can get their listings as soon as they get five reviews about their business. The more the number of authentic reviews, the more small business will prosper.

In short, the social media trends of 2015, will be steering away from marketing practices that were adopted in 2014. In this year, we will witness social media going niche and marketers targeting social platforms specifically to their business needs. Also the mobile and wearable gadgets will catch a lot of marketers’ attention.