You loved our first article on Social Media Success Stories where we rounded off some of the stories about brands creating a ripple on social media forums.

In continuation with the same theme, here are some more social media success stories.

Honestly, there’s no one principle underlying all these stories. While some like the Empire Cat Construction company saw an opportunity in an already famous social media buzz and leveraged it while some worked their pants off to create a viral-worthy campaign.

Before you check out these social media success stories, here’s taking a look at what works for them.

Use these pointers to create your own successful and viral social media campaign:

Creativity is key


Seriously, we cannot reiterate on the importance of creative and innovative ideas enough.

Your targeted audience is smart, really smart. Just like random scary sounds don’t work for horror movies anymore, your stale ideas won’t get you million of social media views and shares.

Evoke some sort of an emotion in them. Something that tugs at their heart, something that inspires them, or something that amazes them.

Monitor and Analyze – You need to know what’s working and what’s not. Are you creating fantastic content for a social media platform that your targeted audience does not visit?

Keep monitoring your social media campaigns, what’s working and what is not. And then tweak and re-tweak them.

Who is your audience and what do they like? 

I mean if you are trying to create amazing car racing videos for the book club girls who breathe Harry Potter, maybe you are not doing it right.

Okay that was exaggerated. Most social media guys know who their targeted audience are but their content isn’t for them, their content is mainly about the brand.

And that is not the more important of the two.

Social Media Success Stories: Campaigns That Wowed Us

What can a construction company do to go viral? Build ginormous LEGO buildings or think of something extremely creative?

Or they can play smart, which is exactly what they did. Check out how this company leveraged the ALS challenge phenomenon to their advantage. And beautifully so.

Kellog’s ‘Tweet when you eat’ campaign was an initiative to get customers to sample their new product and win tickets to a new theme park.

You C-A-N-N-O-T go wrong when you have a cute little puppy waiting for you back home. When we spoke about tugging the emotion’s strings, this is what we meant. Well played, Budweiser.

If you are catering to a young demographic, know that they are all on VINE. That’s how General Electric made Science cool with their emojiscience experiments.

Lastly, the list would be incomplete without the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that had all the A-league celebrities and equally unknown nobody’s taking this challenge. Although this wasn’t a brand-specific campaign it not only created a ripple on social media, it created a tsunami!

If you are looking to make it big, know that you need to have patience. Something would click today or it will take time.

Just keep at it, and keep trying harder and smarter.