Social network concept. 3d rendering

You put the work in. You did the audit before you started. You post regularly, monitor those posts and optimise your content… so why is no one engaging with it or looking at it? And why is no one using it to go to your website? Those are the ultimate goals of a social media strategy, and if yours isn’t performing how you’d like it to, we’re here to help. Because first, you need to identify why exactly it’s failing. And that could be for a number of reasons…

You’ve not thought about your audience enough

Ultimately, one of the biggest reasons why social media strategies or campaigns fail is because you’ve failed to analyse or listen to the audience enough. You need to invest your time in fully evaluating and researching their online habits; what they engage with, when they are active and what content of yours has worked (and hasn’t) in the past. You can even actively ask them through quick surveys in return for a discount/to be entered into a prize draw, too.

You’re not posting at the right times for your audience

As briefly mentioned above, another huge part of a successful social media strategy is optimised scheduling and posting times. There are general rules you can find for this which social media and marketing professionals have picked up on, but ultimately, it will be a bit of trial and error at first as your audience might differ slightly. Experiment with slightly different posting times and see if this has an impact on the results.

You’re not giving your followers anything to do

If you find that your engagement rate is low, it may be because you’re forgetting a crucial part of strong social media posts – a clear call to action that prompts the reader to do something. This could be things like ‘like’ your post, share it or comment on it with their opinion. Asking their opinion in particular is a really good tactic as it actively shows you’re interested in what they have to say.

You’re posting the same stuff across each channel

This is quite a common problem as it’s so easy and tempting to do. But regurgitating the same content across every social media channel you run just looks lazy and won’t provide your followers with anything new, sometimes prompting them to unfollow particular ones. After all, they’d only need to follow one. Make sure you mix it up, whether it’s the wording or the imagery, if the overall message needs to say the same.

You aren’t taking enough risks

It’s easy for your content to get lost out there in the busy social media scape, and the ones that stand out the most tend to be the riskiest, edgy and daring ones. If your posts are getting zero traction despite all of the above, you might want to think about cranking it up a notch. Making a lasting impression on your audience should be one of your biggest goals for your strategy.