communication in social media and message bubble

If you’re a social media marketer you’ll have been watching the latest developments of some of the major social media platforms unfold over the last couple of months. Huge changes such as Instagram introducing Snapchat style stories to their offering, and Twitter making changes to the word count of tweets (a gentle nudge towards Facebook style long form content) are getting everyone talking.

The main thing on everyone’s lips is how social media platforms tend to be blending into the same one, with each channel ‘borrowing’ other elements from each other to amplify their offering and to ultimately offer users everything in one place.

So, what does this apparent homogeny of platforms mean for social media marketers? We’ve taken a look to see how it will impact your strategy.

It’s no longer about planning a strategy by channels you feel are relevant to the audience

Gone are the days of saying ‘we want to reach other businesses, let’s just focus on LinkedIn and scrap everything else’. Now, it’s more about considering how your brand’s story translates across platforms, rather than just thinking in a single tunnel in terms of your audience. All of your social media channels should work together to complement each other, and to really tell your story so that your followers get a clear idea of who you are and what you stand for.

Therefore don’t just assume trying out a new platform isn’t worth it in terms of your audience, as it doesn’t always work like that. It’s about nailing the content and engagement levels with your followers.

Changing up your strategy to ensure it is relevant across channels

It’s no secret that the world of social media moves quickly, and you really will need to get with the times or get left behind in terms of updates and what’s happening in the world of social. You’ll need to think about ways in which you can utilise and optimise your strategy so that you’re making the most of each platform.

That means experimenting with stories across different channels, thinking about word length, and experimenting with things like live videos and 360 videos, too. Gone are the days of 25 pieces of content each month for the sake of it, and updates to different major social channels are making it better for social media marketers to get more creative and mix things up a bit.