A lot of people don’t understand how social media management works – and I’m not talking only about the elderly – even a significant chunk of millennials are clueless about what a social media manager does.

“You guys post Tweets and stuff right?”

Wrong! Social media management goes way beyond just basic engagement. It involves knowledge of various social media platforms, governance, a creative mindset and a lot more things.

First off what does a social media manager do?

You know who is a social media manager? You are.

You manage your social media presence, from slapping on the right filter for your Instagram selfies to proofreading your Facebook status before updating, you are the social media manager of your social media world.

social media manager

Technically speaking a social media manager oversees the entire social media operations.

Right from what strategies to update pertaining to each platform, what type and medium of content to adopt, to designing and managing brand identity.

A social media manager manages things from a macro point of view. While community managers tend to individual aspects. A different person handle Instagram updates while someone else furiously tweets away.

BUT while the picture seems rosy and much in tune with how suave managers at big law firms work the concept is still on paper.

And while Duke University survey does affirm that social media managers can reach that stratum with Social Media Marketing budgets would increase close to 21% in the coming 5 years, the present scenario is slightly different.

Mostly social media managers today do everything from strategizing to implementing themselves unless hired by the big guns.

Keep in mind that experience counts more that degree in this field.

And while you might not be where you want to be – perks wise – here’s how you can be an expert social media manager and get high-paying clients:

Keep abreast with the latest social media development

Till a couple of years back, Instagram was hardly used by anyone.

Cut to now and Instagram’s some half a million ahead of Twitter with 300 million active users.


As a social media manager, you should be aware of not just the addition of new platforms but also how will it affects the different industry.

Think like a Marketing Guru

The medium has changed, the fundamentals have not. You have to know the ins and outs of your field to manage the bigger picture.

How to outline goals, which strategies to deploy, which avenues should you harness more- these are questions closely related to the marketing aspect of things.

You have to study the metrics, analyze the data and draw actionable insights regularly. And then take smart beneficial decisions.

A good social media manager stays on top of the marketing game.

Be a Leader

You are not the only person handling things. Sometimes you might have to lead your army of community managers or you might have to take reigns in your own hands and direct your boss to follow suit – albeit tactfully.


Leadership skills are indispensible if you want to make it big because seriously when your community managers have their backs to each other you have to play the community facilitator.

The social media manager is the link that keeps all the community managers connected (Tweet this)

Creative mindset

BMW’s Snowchat campaign is a classic example of the importance of creativity.


And if BMW recognized the need for creativity to attract targeted audience – without even thinking ‘Hey I’m BMW, that’s enough’ – you need creativity too.

Whether it’s a Super Bowl Puppy Ad or feel good Dove campaigns, you need to let your creative juices flow, rather abundantly and create share-worthy content.

Don’t let it overtake your life


Seriously, brand management, replying to customers, forming relationships is a 24×7 job.

And a lot of social media manager wear themselves out working round the clock. Since there are no defined ‘work hours’ you need to know when to switch work off and switch life on.

Some other traits and skills an expert social media manager must possess:

  • Listening skills. You need to know what your audience is saying to you and use it to give them what they want.

  • Interpersonal skills. You need to be a people’s person to make people – both outside and at work – see your point of view from a positive perspective.

  • A humorous and empathetic personality. Your personality transfers to your brand’s voice too. And nobody likes a rude pompous know-it-all anyway

Social media management is a full-time career that requires efforts and dedication. If there are any more points you want to add here, give us a holler and we’d include it under your name.