Social network concept. 3d rendering


Social media was once regarded as a way to keep in touch with your friends and to boast about your holidays with millions of photo uploads a day. Then, brands caught on to the power of social, utilising it to connect with their customers and to reach potential ones across the globe.

Now, businesses are also jumping on the bandwagon and are recognising the potential of social for generating new business, and developing valuable relationships. So, just what are the main benefits of social media for B2B?

Reach – 90% of businesses active on social have regarded the high reach and accessibility to their target market (and beyond) across the globe as the main benefit of social, particularly as it’s a 24/7 thing
New business leads – 54% of B2B marketers have successfully closed a lead with someone they’ve connected with through social
Lower costs – 50% claim that they’ve used a much lower marketing budget on their social media strategy, whilst still seeing results
Connections – customer service also works well in a B2B and social environment, with 90% of marketers claiming to have conversed with their customers on social

So after a little digging, it’s clear to see the huge positive impact social is having for clever B2B marketers, and it’s not surprising that we’re seeing more and more businesses turning to the likes of LinkedIn and Twitter to get their slice of this success.

Here are some tips and trends for social media marketing for B2B in 2016 to watch out for, and give a go yourself to help gain engaged followers who are interested in your company.

• Employee advocacy campaigns can work wonders to showcase your company through the eyes of those who work with you every day, from an unbiased stance which people will trust, if executed well
• Wise content marketing investments, particularly types of content that are digestible and sharable
• Live video streaming, using platforms such as Periscope, Facebook and even Instagram and Snapchat
• Using strong imagery sees up to a 150% increase in engagement than those without
• Including links to relevant, useful sources in your posts can strengthen customer interest, and will help your followers to identify and recognize you as a useful news source or industry leader
• Experiment with multiple platforms, and keep up to date with new channels, and the updates on the most popular ones
• We’re seeing more and more brands utilise 360 degree video which can be a great way to transport your followers into your world, and to see a subject through your eyes