Businessman take selfie, Vector cartoon business

Wherever you go and whatever you do, you’ll find it pretty difficult to avoid Snapchat these days, and people taking 3-second selfies to send on to all their friends. Let’s face it – Snapchat has taken over social media.

You might be surprised to hear that the swift selfie channel is also now having a huge impact on 21st century business. More and more companies are switching onto these snaps, and utilising the channel as part of its main social strategy. So, how do you do it?

Share live events with your followers

There’s a reason Snapchat is being used at global events such as London Fashion Week – it allows us to share the best snippets from amazing events with followers and friends across the world. Share snaps of live events from your own business, and events that you or members of your team attend to act as the fun eyes and ears for those who couldn’t go.

Snap behind-the-scenes sneak peeks

Snapchat is also a great channel to use for sharing insights into life at your company, such as behind-the-scenes sneak peeks and life in the studio or office. Catch your team members off guard for authentic, raw footage, and take your snaps with you when you’re celebrating team occasions such as birthdays or milestones.

Introduce Snapchat takeovers

You might have seen or heard buzzes about Snapchat takeovers, which is where a key influencer for your audience takes over your Snapchat account for an agreed period of time, and snaps their take on relevant events or issues for your followers. This is a great way to spice up your content and give your followers something new, as well as helping you build relationships and brand advocacy with your following.

Share exclusive content

The very nature of Snapchat – the idea of these photos that only appear for a certain amount of time before they’re gone forever – automatically has this exclusive feel; it makes us feel like we’re seeing something in an exclusive, VIP basis. You can strengthen this by posting and sharing actual exclusive content on your Snapchat – i.e. content that hasn’t been posted all over your other social channels, and exciting incentives such as offers and rewards, and competitions.

Keep it social

Social media is great because it’s just that – social. It helps us connect with our audience, and that element of social media can be tough to achieve with Snapchat. Therefore it’s important you take the time to connect with your followers; asking them questions, responding to some of their snaps and snapping them directly to help them feel engaged and valued.