Tweeting Bird

Twitter is a platform we all feel we know pretty well by now, and rightly so – it’s been around for what feels like forever now, and a whopping 500 million tweets are sent out worldwide a day. That’s a lot of tweets.

However, we still need to be wary of those basic, simple principles of this unique channel that can really help us drive our Twitter strategy, and truly use this platform to its optimum capacity. We’ve listed some important – but very simple – dos and don’ts to help you do just that.

Do use imagery

Images in tweets are one of the best ways to get those impression rates up, as they help our posts to stand out on our followers (most likely very crowded) news feed. Images with tweets are statistically far more likely to be retweeted or generally engaged with, too.

Don’t overkill it will the hashtags

Hashtags and Twitter go together like fish and chips, but if you overkill it, it’s like the virtual, social media equivalent of putting too much salt on those chips. If you’re not picking your hashtags wisely (and sparingly) you’ll come across as a spam account who doesn’t really know what they’re talking about.

Do include links

Actively using your tweets to point your followers in the direction of something, whether it’s a useful, relevant article, or a website (whether your own or another really useful one) is a great way to help your account to be actually valuable to your followers. It’s always really important to source where you get your tweeting material from too, so links are really important.

Don’t ignore your mentions

If people take the time to engage with your tweets, it’s really important that you take the time to reply to them, or at least acknowledge them with a quick ‘like’. For really interesting, important ones, it’s useful to give them a retweet too, which is great for you – as it’s ready made content!

Do use open ended questions

Ultimately, the battle with social is to transform your conversations from a monologue into a dialogue, and you’ll need to up your tweeting game in order to do that on Twitter, as it’s the goal of you and about 50 million other users. A really good way to increase engagement in the forms of replies/conversations is to use open ended questions for your followers to answer. Keep it short and sweet where possible to help users stick to the 140 characters.

Don’t forget the call to actions

End your tweets with what you want your followers to ultimately do, whether that’s tweet you back, visit your website, watch your video or click the link you’ve advertised. The possibilities are pretty endless, but they’re really important.