We all know about the ‘Like’ button which has been popularized by Facebook. Now, because many people started liking a lot of non-profit organisations via their page and wanted easier methods of donation, Facebook has gone a step ahead and created a donation button on their fan pages. The Facebook donate button is created to secure the money and send it to the charity at the end of every month.

facebook Volunteers can open the non-profit or charity page, where the donation post will be available at the top of the Timeline. The button cab be seen on posts from the non-profit in a user’s News Feed, as well as at the top of the non-profit’s Facebook page.

In order to set up a donation button, one has to have a documented and recognized charity name and a Facebook fan page. Facebook donate button is a handy tool and very advantageous for non-profit organisations with a strong and widespread presence on Facebook.

Facebook page for non-profit organisation has other ways in which they can get across to a larger audience; by syncing their Page’s content with other social media accounts the organization might be using, such as Twitter or a blog. The other way is via Facebook ads that are displayed on the right-hand side of a user’s Page. These are easy and highly effective tools as they can reach a larger crowd and allow the organization to place orders for profiles that match the demographic necessities they may have. These ads are charged by per click and thus are cost effective as well.

There are various benefits that the Facebook donate button has created for non-profits. An organization can create various numbers of blogs to post and keep updating them. Pictures, videos and links can be added with the post and shared. Volunteers can be tagged and thanked for their contributions and thus spread the good word. Organisations can start conversations around hashtags and ask for re-posts as well. They can create a banner that stakeholders can add to their avatars and put presentations online as well. Facebook page for non-profits allows them to know their donors, volunteers, partners, marketers, followers and clients in a deeper and better way.