Media player and video clips production concept, film reel and clapper board with play button isolated on white background

We’ve recently seen an explosion of video content across all social media channels, and as a key part of successful marketing campaigns across the globe. There are billions of video views every day, across platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Netflix.

Video content: stats and facts you should know

– 55% of people watch at least one every day
– Online video content now accounts for approximately 50% of all mobile, social media traffic
– In 2015, this type of content accounted for 64% of all consumer internet traffic, and this number is expected to rise every year
– 4.8% is the average conversion rate for websites using video content – compared to 2.9% of those who don’t
– More than 4x as many consumers would rather watch a video about a service or product than hear or read about it
– Social video generates 1200% more shares on average than text and images combined
– 9 out of 10 Google searches now include videos in the results

Utilising video content in your business and strategy

Put simply, if your business isn’t investing in video content marketing currently, it should be. Here are some steps and tips to help you begin that process for video content marketing success.

1. Establish a budget and expectations from the beginning
2. Establish a strong story for your content
3. Create a posting schedule your viewers/audience can rely on
4. Promote your content across all of social media each time you post them
5. Use video content on your landing pages, particularly your website
6. Experiment with optimum video lengths for your audience
7. Experiment with optimum sharing times on social
8. Experiment with paid promotions across sites such as Facebook and Twitter
9. Optimise your filmed content for SEO purposes
10. Outreach your video to a number of different sources and locations
11. Make sure all of your videos are branded with your company’s logo
12. Include a strong call to action which should tell your viewers what you want them to do after they’ve finished watching your video
13. Research email video marketing and how it can work as part of your strategy
14. Experiment with different types of videos, such as how-to instructional ones, a day in the life of videos that give a glimpse into your team, and behind-the-scenes looks into life at your company