Quora is a social media forum which has a unique format and has recently attracted numerous followers and registered users. In this forum you cquoraan ask questions which can be answered by members. The growth of Quora has been phenomenal. This social media platform means different things to different people. It’s a kind of encyclopedia where you are likely to find answers to your specific questions. Some call it a modified Wikipedia which is personalized. It’s a Facebook of knowledge rather than relationships. Ultimately, Quora can only defined by people who use it.

Registering with Quora

It’s easy to become a member of Quora. You simply have to provide your email address, type your password and you are almost on your way. Of course you have to choose a minimum of five topics which you are most interested in. You can also create an account on Quora through Facebook or Twitter. The advantage of using these social media networks is that you automatically receive suggestions on topics you may be interested in.

How to participate on Quora?

Beginners on Quora need not spend all their time searching for answers. You can also ask questions. In fact, any sort of question is welcome and receives an enthusiastic response. You can follow comments by simply clicking on your question.

As regards answers, Quora has a comprehensive guide on how to answer questions raised by other members. These guidelines essentially recommend that answers must be specific and address the questions directly. Answers on Quora must also be genuine, stick to facts and should be collaborated with facts, wherever possible.

How can you use Quora for business?

Answer to such a question is tricky. Trying to directly use Quora to advertise your business can backfire. You must remember that Quora is a knowledge sharing social media platform and promotions and advertisements are strictly prohibited. However there are ways by which you can indirectly use Quora for businesses.

One of the ways is to become an avid user of Quora. By answering select number of questions you can project yourself as an expert. Quora is also an excellent forum to elicit opinions and views of a large audience. Quora can be used as a great platform for conducting market surveys, by devising suitable questions. For example, you can test buyer preferences by asking which product features are most attractive to others.

You can find the latest news related to your business, product or service on Quora. This would allow you to modify, change or alter your marketing strategy in line with the expectations and needs of buyers.


Quora is a knowledge sharing social media platform. Here you may ask any question under the Sun (provided you follow some simple guidelines). You can also find answers to most of the questions which trouble you in life. There is an impression that Quora is a frivolous social network where people engage in gossip. However, Quora has many thoughtful members who are willing to share their expertise and spend precious time answering serious questions.