Videos are uploaded to your business’ Facebook page daily. Your Twitter feed is full of clients saying that they love what you sell. You feel that you’re missing out on marketing your business via Pinterest, though, because you’re not quite sure where to start. Pinterest is extremely easy to use, but it’s not as easy to figure out how to market with. Follow these tips for making Pinterest work for your business.

1. Add buttons to your website. Pinterest has a few different options, including a “Follow” button, that will automatically connect people to your account, and a “Pin It” button, that lets visitors pin a photo from your website to their board.

2. Pinterest is primarily designed for individual’s profiles, but there’s no reason why you can’t adjust yours to reflect a brand. The photo you choose as your profile picture, your Pinterest name and what you write in the “Description” section of your profile can all be geared toward your business.

3. Instead of uploading photos to your Pinterest account, try to pin them directly from your web pages. That way, when a user clicks on the photo, it will direct them back to your website.

4. Instead of using Pinterest just to promote your own business, also re-pin images from other business’ boards, so long as they’re in a similar industry. This is how you can build an interactive community instead of simply advertising, which doesn’t work in today’s world of marketing.

5. Pinterest can offer up a ton of insight about your audience. Check out the pins of people who follow your account. What are they interested in? What are they talking about and looking at? This is an excellent way to create a focus group and figure out how to better target your audience.

6. Keep up with Pinterest instead of letting your account go stale. The best way to stay in the forefront of people’s minds is to update regularly. You should also check out what other people are doing on a regular basis. By both posting pictures and interacting daily or weekly, your business will stay relevant.

7. Use keywords and hashtags to make your pins easy to find. If you’re already using Twitter, then you know how to make keywords work for you. Basically, you should include words that you think people will be searching for in the description of your pins.

8. Invite contributors to your board. This is like the Pinterest version of guest blogging. If more people are posting to your Pinterest account, then you’re attracting both your own followers and their followers as well. Keep in mind that a contributor has to be a current follower of your board or entire account.

9. Use Pinterest as a way to network, just like you do with Facebook and Twitter. Connect with new people and comment on various pins. Also, mention people in your own pins by using the @ symbol, followed by their username.

10. While some people choose to upload text-heavy images, Pinterest really is designed mainly for pictures. Make sure that the images you upload are of high quality. There’s so much great stuff on Pinterest that if you use crummy photos, nobody’s going to give them a second glance.

Charles Dearing has worked extensively in managing SEO campaigns. He enjoys keeping companies on the straight and narrow when it comes to SEO. He shares his insights on various blogs. Visit SEO Works to learn more.