The days of outbound marketing are behind us. Gone are the days when businessmen used to market their products or services by using hoardings, billboards or by distributing pamphlets. Today is the era of digital marketing ! A few Social media marketing tips can always be handy.

When the dot com bubble burst, it paved new avenues for marketing and made way for inbound marketing. One of the significant ways of marketing a product online is social media marketing.  There are a number of social networks which are accessed regularly by netizens worldwide. The most popular of them all, the likes of Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram, boast about their over 2 billion users. So marketers worldwide use these platforms to showcase the credibility and potential of their respective brands and services. Even though publicizing a brand might seem alluring, the process of successful marketing on a social networking site is very intricate and requires a lot of endeavor and exposure to these platforms.

But keeping a track of so many social media sites can be tough. Not only these platforms operate differently but also have their own eccentricities. So lets dig in and find out various marketing tips for marketing products globally.

Social Media Marketing Tips

  • Interactive images/content

    A picture says a thousand words, but it always might not be able to share the complete information with the readers. Internet audience are always in a hurry and that is why they might feel browsing through an enormous content tiring or boring. This is why interactive images can prove to be very helpful. Interactive images provide a brief overview of the topic and also contains various embedded links for detailed description. When a reader comes across these images, they either simply hover on these links to get a short description of that specific topic or click on it to get a detailed report of the same. These links can also redirect a user to a company’s website thus increasing visibility. This is seen by users as one of the most useful social media marketing tips. Interactive images are a boon for social media marketers and as it covers a variety of aspects over a single image. Also, as these images are compatible with various mobile platforms, they manage to receive a wide acceptance.

  • Digital story

    Of all the prevalent social media marketing tips, digital story is one of the most used tool for online marketing. No one likes static content, this why digital story is finding such great acceptance. If a businessman wants to showcase his product or service, he describes the same in the “About us” page of his company’s website. The information imparted is mostly content and relatively orthodox. But in digital story, a business marketing personnel can make a short video about what their company does, including a short speeches from employees to portray the company’s work ethics and the company’s goal. In this way the video can depict the actual practices followed by the company as well as provide a walkthrough of the office culture. The digital story can also be as simple as a picture slideshow with short description mentioned beneath each photo or an animated skit. Once a marketer shares a digital story on a social website, audience worldwide can view it and relate themselves with the work done by a company. And if the story turns out to be outstanding, it might even turn viral and raise the popularity and in turn the revenue generated by the company immensely.

    Social Media Marketing TipsSocial Media Marketing Tips

  •  Infographics

Infographics are really trending now-a-days. These are pictorial representation of information or data, meant for depicting complex information clearly & quickly. Infographics are widely popular among the audience of all age brackets and can be effectively exploited to depict various scenarios. Marketers can create a infographics about a service or product they produce, and how these products in general affect the lives of people worldwide. They can also use infographics to compare their rivals’ products and show, how they are different and advanced than them. Infographics hold limitless possibilities, as it displays in-depth explanation graphically.


  • Word cloud

    A word cloud is a graphical representation of text data or content which is especially used to depict keyword, meta tags or simply to visualize free flow text. Word cloud can also contain hyperlinks embedded into texts to redirect users to a specific address. For a company which produces a spectrum of products, word cloud is a great way to display all the products they create. In word clouds, one doesn’t have to think about constructing any sentence, all they need to emphasize on is the exact terms of the products that they cater to. For a shopping mall, a word cloud of all the brands which are up for sale is a great way to attract customers from various social platforms using social media marketing. Word clouds gives a great overview of a product and makes a great first impression by displaying the important characteristics of a product at a glance.

  • Monitor your social media

    It is not enough to use social media – Track and monitor your marketing effort over the network that you choose. For e.g. if you market your products using Twitter, it is important to know how the world sees you. Your following for example would be a good metric to give you an idea about your Twitter marketing. But keeping a track of so many metrics and how you are faring is not easy. HowSociable makes it easy for you by tracking upto 36 different metrics at one go. You can get started with HowSociable absolutely free by signing up for a free account.

According to a survey, over 93% of marketers use social media to publicize their products or services. So the best bet to increase a business’s social quotient is by adopting some of the above mentioned marketing tips. While using social media, marketers should also make use of the trending and innovative marketing strategies, in order to achieve a competitive edge over other rival businesses. Social media marketing is the need of the hour and every marketer should strive to make use of these social platforms as much as possible. Hope you found these simple social media marketing tips useful. Comment below and let us know.