MinorityLinkedIn is a unique and focused social media site. Here you don’t discuss your new crush or the hair gel which has gone viral. Instead you camp on this site when you are a professional looking for company – quite literally. Here, on LinkedIn, the rules of engagement are a bit different from what we usually encounter on other social sites like Facebook and Twitter. What should you do to make your presence felt on LinkedIn? Here are a few pints to ponder upon.

Create a complete profile

LinkedIn is a serious social media site. This does not mean you can’t have fun. Only the mode of enjoyment is different. In LinkedIn you get to link with other like-minded professionals, groups and organizations. In some ways you may call it a social job site.

You can look at your profile on LinkedIn as your curriculum vitae. It must therefore contain everything which would attract prospective employees. Focus on information regarding your professional life and not on how well you can play golf. Of course golf too helps in some places but this is not the place to flaunt your latest handicap. Once you have created your complete profile you are ready to give it a heave.

LinkedIn Groups

The secret to success on LinkedIn is simple. The more you interact with others, more you can extract from it. You mindset should be to contribute towards community building. LinkedIn is about connecting with other professionals.

The key is to form LinkedIn groups where you can discuss topical issues. Jazz up your dull professional life by adding a bit of spice. The flavor of your discussions is as important as the topic. You must never talk about your company or organization you work for. Avoid complaining about your boss and don’t ever speak out about his nose-picking habit.

The topics you discuss must excite others and egg them on. By doing this you create an aura around yourself and invite others to give a closer look at your profile. Remember that LinkedIn can make a leader out of you.

Invite others to visit your blog or website

The best part about LinkedIn is that you can promote your website or blog and drive thousands of visitors to it on a regular basis. Providing teaser content on LinkedIn which draws audiences to your website for further discussions is a great idea. The final objective of your presence on LinkedIn is to promote yourself. Being coy and modest about you is not the way to go about it. You must be unabashed and fierce in your activities. Pull out all the stops and get other professionals flocking to your blog. Create something special using LinkedIn as a platform to launch yourself. Engage and enthrall your future employees and promoters.

In Summary

LinkedIn is a powerful platform to promote you. You can sell your dynamic personality, create a flutter among your peers or simply have lots of fun – it’s all up to you. Though you cannot discuss your torrid love affair, one thing is for sure – you will never be bored on LinkedIn.