A fine evening when you are tired after a hectic day’s work and is too bored to go out or too reluctant to check any social media to find out where a friend of yours is dining tonight, you resort to a medium of visual entertainment that is best known for its variety and ease of use. Yes, that visual means of entertainment is none other than our beloved YouTube.

YouTube is renowned for the variety of visual content available and for it’s sheer volume. It is said that over 100 hours of video content gets uploaded into YouTube every minute. Also around 6 billion hours of video are watched by viewer worldwide in only a month. Such is the presence of YouTube, that it attracts over a billion unique users per month. If it is so useful and popular among the masses then imagine the amount of opportunity it hold for your business. Thus in the recent years, marketers are focusing on YouTube SEO. In this post, we would be discussing how you can perform keyword research for YouTube and use this video streaming site for your business’s advantage.

Using YouTube for Business

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Just like various social networks, YouTube as a video streaming website holds enormous potential for your business. So, you need to utilise this power in the best possible way. The best ways to reap the benefits of YouTube & use it for your business’s betterment are as follows:

1. Understanding the tool – Just like any other marketing tool, it is important for you to understand how YouTube functions and how people respond to every upload. You should use YouTube as a platform to increase your following a build a user base. Once you are successful in doing so, then you should translate this following into your potential customers or service users.

2. Create great video content not ads – To market your business successfully you should find a way to tell the audience why they should use your commodity. Once you are able to propagate this message with an interesting yet original video, you are bound to create a lot many fans. But by creating ads solely targeted towards selling your product, you might seem imposing and not stand out from the crowd.

3. Channeling viewers to your website – Once you have succeed in amassing a decent number of viewers, it time to reap the benefits. Once you have handsome subscribers, add link to your business website, so that viewers can in turn become potential customers. The best way to channel your visitors is by putting the link of your website in your video descriptions as well as channel description.

4. YouTube optimization for SEO – Just like content in your website, you video campaigns in YouTube too would require SEO. By optimizing your video description and by using the proper meta-tags you can increase the visibility of your video or YouTube channel.

Need for YouTube SEO

According to recent studies, over 17% of the internet traffic flows through YouTube. This statement alone states the potential and the amount of reach and influence the video streaming behemoth has on its users. To top it off, YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google.

Considering its popularity, the best practice would be to optimize you content on YouTube. Doing so, it would not only make your videos and campaign easily discoverable but also aid you in marketing your business to potential customers around the globe.

Even if your video campaign is top-notch and strikes the right chords with the audience, what good would it be if people are not able to search it with ease? Google & YouTube, can’t interpret what your video is all about so the best practice would be o translate your video in a format that it can interpret. Thus using detailed description and incorporating YouTube SEO, you can tell the search engines what your video stands for.

YouTube SEO tactics


YouTube optimization for SEO is easy and can be done with relative ease. By investing a few minute, to optimize our content on YouTube, you can reap a lot of benefits which can also help you to increase traffic o you videos and also lead to increase in subscribers.

  • Proper video descriptions – As mentioned earlier, you should provide appropriate description to all your videos, so that the search engine as well as YouTube can interpret what the video is all about. It also provides the viewers a detailed insight about the video and also contains business related information that are not present in the video itself. You should also a link to your business website in the video description so that interested viewers can also refer your website for more insight.
  • Video Keywords – Video keywords are the precise words that best describe your video. These keywords aid YouTube by providing the list of videos, when a viewer searches for a certain keyword. You should use a proper mix of short and long tail keywords to increase your video’s visibility in YouTube and other search engines as well.
  • Sharing your videos – Sharing your video’s URL is another way of increasing the number of views. After successfully uploading a video, you should spread your video in various online communities. If found appealing and relevant community members indulge and interact with your video and may even share your video on other websites or social media.
  • Encourage viewers to like and subscribe – Now that your video is able to grab a lot of eyeball, its time to emphasize on increasing your fan-base. At the end of each video, you should encourage the viewer to like & subscribe to you video channel. Both these factors improve your video’s ratings and in turn increases it’s visibility for YouTube. Also it helps you to get a decent number of fans that are regularly updated about your activities in YouTube.
  • Keyword rich playlist – As every video uploaded by you is unique and brings forth different information about your business, in a similar fashion the keywords used in the video description should slightly differ. In his way you can cater to different search queries of users and also increase your reach.

Keyword Research for YouTube

As implementing video keywords is an integral part of YouTube SEO, you should find ways to filter out relevant keywords that suits your business and the video. One such tool to aid you in your endeavor is KeywordXP. It provides you a list of potent and widely popular keyword that would optimize your content for improved search engine visibility. It also provides your keywords that are relevant to YouTube, and provides real time data regarding their usage.

This keyword research tool is very easy to use and also provides useful suggestions by analyzing your competitors’ activities. It even provides a list of relevant long tail keywords that further intensifies your YouTube optimization.