twitterWho cares? Some would say that Twitter is all about short and crisp messages – Tweets which convey the whole in 140 characters. But wait a second – even the best of Tweets are all the sweeter when read through a beautiful background. A Twitter background is like a landscape on which Tweets sprout like spikes of information. It can transform a mere message into a potent and powerful marketing ad or at the least it can put the reader into a pleasant mood to appreciate your piece of eternal truth. Certainly a repulsive Twitter background can put off even the kindest heart in town.

What are the main ingredients of a good Twitter background?
You can start by keeping the background straight and simple. It should not look like a clutter on a radar screen. What a twitter background should do is to clearly convey your personality. Your Tweets should converge and blend with the background. In a way, it’s your personal philosophy in the form of art. There is no point in getting carried away. Never choose a background just because it looks good elsewhere, in someone else’s Twitter account. You must choose carefully and keep your overall image in mind.

Changing your Twitter background – from repulsive to attractive
This is a simple process and frankly it’s quite dumb to describe. To keep it short, you must access the gear icon on the right of the screen and edit your profile. You can choose from a variety of backgrounds ranging from boring to bleak. If you want to really make a difference, you must upload your own image. Remember to upload images of the right size.

Using Twitter background resources
This part is for those who are too lazy to click at the right buttons and also for those who think they are tech savvy. There are several free and paid resources which can be picked up to give the right pizazz to your Twitter background.

Free Twitter Designer, TwitterGallery and TwitterBacks are some nifty resources for creating Twitter backgrounds in a jiffy. For custom backgrounds you may have to shell out a small sum but it may be worth it. Some custom design resources are KillerTweets, My Tweet Space and Twitbacks.

Designing your own twitter background
Of course there are some designers out there who would love to get their own creation into the limelight. Adobe Photoshop is an all-time favorite for designing anything and the same goes for Twitter backgrounds. Even otherwise, there are several absolutely free image editing software which you can choose from. The only thing you must remember is that the images should conform to a particular size. Details are available on Twitter site.

Background does not mean you have to live with a soulless, inanimate object. Your Twitter background must be pulsating, alive and kicking. It must also reflect your own personality. You need not be overawed by the technology involved in the process – in fact there is no technology. Changing the default Twitter background is quite simple and can be achieved by clicking a few buttons.