Avactis provides the best Integrating shopping cart with social media shopping cart with easy integration to your current website giving customers a hassle free shopping experience.

The competition in the Social Media sector is getting stiffer every day and designing a completely new website may not be a cakewalk.

It helps you to keep up with the times if you integrate the latest and the most flexible Avactis shopping cart to your existing Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest Accounts.

Some of the striking features of Avactis Shopping cart are discussed in this article…..

(1) A Professional Look
* Online shoppers are easily attracted by a website that is professional
* Non-professional looking shopping carts or ecommerce websites do not perform the minimal first step of getting the customers hooked.
* Avactis shopping cart gives absolute professional look to the website that makes your brand solid and trustworthy.

Solution: Visual CSS Editor and Modern Themes enable Shopping Cart owners to customize the

(2) Flexible Design
* Avactis Shopping Cart integration is a simple and swift process.
* It easily adjusts to your current website and doesn’t goof-up the existing design.
* It provides facility to add product to the cart from any page of the website. Adding a search box or a login box can be done easily with Avactis Shopping Cart.

Solution: Avactis Makes use of unique ‘Tag’ feature to enable quick and easy integration with any php based website.

(3) Real Feel of Ecommerce Website
* Shopping carts can be installed on a website that might sell a certain category of products, like an online book store.
* It must create the feel of a full fledge online store giving the user a complete shopping experience.
* Avactis Shopping Cart syncs the forefront look of your website to the existing design giving it a real feel. Products can merge with any kind of website irrespective of its designing pattern.

Solution: Features like Google Merchant Feed, Storefront for Facebook, Avactis Mobile Store help display your products all across the web.

(4) Effortless Website Developing
* Avactis Shopping Cart doesn’t have its independent templates.
* When a website is redeveloped with enhancements, the cart adapts to the new design. This gives designing freedom to the website developer.
Also, integration of shopping cart is done very quickly, saving the developer’s valuable time.

Solution: AvactisNext is the latest avatar of Avactis, with a new architecture that separates the code from the Core and Extensions.
So all Upgrades & Customizations are simpler and easier to apply.
At the end, we can easily say that Avactis Shoping Cart is the best available shopping cart which takes facilities provided by a cart to the optimum level.

(5) FREE Social Media Integration
Using Avactis Facebook theme, showcase your store products on your facebook page and increase your sales!

Solution: Now selling products on facebook, Pinterest etc is absolutely easy..!

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