Twitter Etiquette

Twitter is a social platform and participants on this medium have to follow some etiquette. Not only is this important for you, as an individual, but also for a healthy relationship on this dynamic and highly interactive social media website. The key rules of Twitter etiquette are rather simple and do not involve curtsying like you do to the queen of England.

Is your Twitter profile consistent with your Tweets?

This is what you may call basic etiquette. If you claim to be a SEO consultant then Tweet about the subject of SEO, not on hair styles and beauty products. There has to be synergy in your profile and Tweets. You must remember that your followers are essentially people who have opted for your tweets because they expect something interesting and informative on the subject which you claim to be an expert in. If you Tweet about everything and anything and that too at the drop of a hat, you are likely to be quickly un-followed.

The same logic applies to those you follow. Each one of us experiences a liberal flow of adrenaline when we join Twitter. It’s undoubtedly exciting and in this euphoria we tend to join all kinds of people. We instantly accept an invitation to follow. In the end our Twitter account is filled with trash. This invariably leads to a rash of un-follow which keeps pricking our conscience. Is un-follow going to offend others? To avoid this kind of dilemma, it’s better to choose whom we follow right from the beginning. One of the key Twitter etiquette is to be cautious right from the beginning.

Be Frank But Not Foolish

Your Tweets are your personal statement. It’s proper etiquette to be completely frank and clear about your presence on Twitter. If you are selling something, it’s better to say it upfront. You should not befriend others using a subterfuge or deception and then stoning them to death with your sales tweets. Make sure that your friends on Twitter know what your primary objectives are. This will ensure that your followers are not shocked when they receive a discount coupon from a hair loss clinic through your tweet. Bald people, by the way, don’t like to be fooled by such a ruse.

Use Hashtag Sparingly

There are tweets which have a rash of hashtags. This is a sure put-off and most likely to offend everyone. Even if you are compelled to use hashtag (it’s called a compulsive disorder), use a single hashtag in your tweet. A simple introduction prior to the hashtag can be alluring.

Use Same Rules of Etiquette On Twitter As In Real Life

Be polite, avoid politically sensitive topics and behave as you would in your real life. This piece of advice is probably the best you would ever get. There is no need to follow weird rules of etiquette on Twitter, just because it’s a different social platform.


The rules of etiquette on Twitter must be followed strictly unless you want to be un-followed by others.