Here are some ways by which you can use Twitter effectively for SEO purposes.seo

Create an effective Name

Choosing the right name as your Twitter handle is the first and most important step. The username must lead to instant recall and refresh the memory of Tweeters. As far as possible the handle must be close to your website name if you are a business or your actual name. By doing this you would facilitate search indexing as well as provide an easy social network access. Embedding keywords into your username can do wonders to your SEO effort.

Create a SEO friendly bio

Your bio is the heart of your Twitter account. You must make best use of it. Put in a good image which represents your business. Create awareness and brand image.

Make retweeting easy

You must remember that a tweet is worth one hundred and forty characters. Don’t ask me how they reached this figure but that’s all you have got to express your views. Now if you use all the characters, retweeting can become a serious issue. The power of Twitter lies in messages being retweeted. The person retweeting your tweet must either edit or truncate your original message if you use up all the available space. Both these options are not palatable. Instead it would be wise to write tweets not more than hundred characters or at most hundred and twenty. This will enable others to retweet without problems.

Use hashtag extensively

There are many creative ways to use Twitter hashtag. One of them is obviously to find out about the existing buzz. Hashtag any popular news and you can view the latest on the subject. Unleashing your own hashtag can be a successful SEO practice. However these can only be as popular as your original business. Not everyone can be Domino’s Pizza. Incidentally Domino’s has created a highly successful hashtag campaign on Twitter where it keeps clients updated about the latest mouthwatering or shall we say chess dripping Pizza.

Provide keyword rich content

Your tweets must be keyword rich. Now how is that possible within the constraints of 140 characters? A closer look at Google search results shows that Tweets starting with keywords have a better chance of getting ranked. No doubt you have to be extremely innovative to manage keywords within your tweets. You must be aware that Google is contemplating real time search which will make your tweets all the more powerful as a SEO tool. You just can’t imagine what would happen to the Twitter world when real time search becomes a reality. But for now you may well begin with a keyword.


Twitter can be a highly effective tool in your quest for visibility. Don’t think that a Tweet is only a hundred and forty characters long. Think about how many people will access your tweet. Think about its spread and reach and use it as your best SEO tool.