Twitter is an ideal twitter contestplatform for running a social media marketing campaign by launching a contest. A contest by its very nature generates curiosity, attracts eager participants and breeds successful marketing campaigns. How do you ensure that your Twitter contest blows your own trumpet? Let’s examine the ingredients of a successful contest on Twitter?

Essentials of a successful Twitter contest

Who doesn’t like a free gift after winning a contest? The first rule of a Twitter contest is to clearly specify the award which lies at the end of it all. A gift does not mean that you have to spend a bagful to create an impression. You may give away one of your own products as a gift or simply reward the winner with recognition, it doesn’t matter. What matters is the appropriateness of the gift. In fact, you must create as many winners as possible to the extent that there are no losers in the contest.

The rules of the game must be clear and consistent. The period of contest should be known beforehand so that people can choose when to enter the contest. The hashtag of the contest should reflect the nature of contest and perhaps generate curiosity and compel viewers to actively participate. Being fair in choosing the winner is perhaps a critical part of a successful Twitter contest.

Types of Twitter contests

Retweeting is the simplest form of a Twitter contest. It requires little or no imagination from the contest participants. However, not much information can be passed about your company or enterprise as the first tweet has to be much less than 140 characters to allow for retweet.

The lottery kind of Twitter contest is a popular method because it doesn’t require application of mind. This scheme has also an inherent ability to go viral. For a successful Twitter contest using sweepstakes, the prize money has to be highly attractive.

There are other ways to create a successful Twitter contest like choosing a winner from the content of a Tweet but these can turn out to be quite complicated with complex rules.

Do’s and don’ts – things to be taken care of so that no rules are violated

Twitter has its own rules for running a contest and must be strictly adhered to. Participants should be discouraged from creating multiple Twitter accounts to improve their chance of winning a contest. They should not post the same tweet repeatedly. There is a tendency to add the content hashtag to every tweet which eventually turns a contest into a farce. Such practices should be discouraged and must be penalized.

Tracking results of a Twitter contest

Proof of the pudding is in eating. What’s the use of a Twitter contest if you don’t learn from it? Distribution of awards and prizes is not the end of the event – it’s the analysis of the contest which will be your reward. You must use social media tools to evaluate the contest in terms of creating brand awareness, selling products and on other parameters.


A successful Twitter contest can easily be launched without a big budget. You must be creative and imaginative in designing Twitter contests and be transparent while distributing the prizes.