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Twitter is one of the best platforms to use for your social media and marketing strategy as it’s so simple, popular and fast paced – perfect for the world we live in today. However, if you feel your strategy is falling a little short, it can feel like you’re falling far behind the competition.

To help you up your tweeting game and get ahead, we’ve put together some tips for how to improve your Twitter strategy.

Optimise your posting times and days

The time you post will have a massive impact on the success of your strategy. The optimum posting times and days are largely debated as they vary so much on your audience and industry. However, by analysing your analytics, you should soon be able to carefully implement an optimised posting schedule based on your impressions and engagement rates at particular times and on certain days.

Make sure your followers aren’t being ignored

To improve your engagement rate, you’ll need to make sure that when people reach out to you or respond to your on Twitter that you’re doing the same in return. Mentions shouldn’t go ignored; you should always respond to comments, good or bad.

Add CTAs to tweets

Another great way to improve your engagement rates and to make your general Twitter strategy more effective overall is to give your followers direction when they’re reading your tweets. Give them a call to action to act on, whether it’s a call to respond to your tweet or to head to your website, to get in touch or to click a link you’ve hyperlinked. Telling people what you want from them is a surprisingly simple, proven way to improve your chances of actually getting it.

Be responsive

Twitter is arguably the most fast paced platform out there, and you should use this aspect of it when you’re posting and talking about current, relevant events. This is the ideal platform for your business to be having your say on important news items in your industry, and in general, if it’s fitting or you have a unique response on it. So always be ready to send a quick tweet about something that’s just happened.

Use it to reach out to others

Social media opens us up to dialogue, and shouldn’t be treated as just a monologue. To get people talking to you, you should reach out to them using their Twitter handles so that you can make an impact on their timeline, as they’ll get a notification.