Social media is an extremely potent and sought after marketing platform. Given the volume of audience and the variety of the different social media networks, it is important that you as a marketer target each of these platforms. Sharing content haphazardly on different social networks is not recommended at all, you need to know how to improve social media marketing through various ways. Rather, you should plan your progress and make use of innovative ways and approaches for your campaign.

Listed below are some cool tools and techniques that that will help you improve social media marketing for your business.

1. Emphasizing on blogging

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Blogging provides volume to your website and aids search engine to link your website better. You should blog at least once a week, and can create long, short, or image-only posts & make sure that your blog is mobile-friendly. Also, you can update your old posts and re-share it to bring fresh traffic to your site.

2. Customer feedback

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As a website owner, your sole aim is to promote your service/ product. In order to do so, you should make sure that you are serving your customers’ properly. What better way to get good valuable reviews than the good old customer feedback? Customer feedback shows your audience that their opinions count, and enhances interactivity on social media platforms as well. From customer feedback you can also find out what your customers’ expectations are and how you can improve your current services.

3. Using Infographics


Infographics are known for showcasing a lot of statistical information in an appealing format. These infographics are a range in social media and if done properly can spread like wildfire. You can use such graphics to create awareness and share valuable details about your products or services.

4. Providing offers


(NOTE: The above one is actually an offer)

Even if you are successful in catching the attention of your audience, you must strive to push yourself and entice them even further. One of the best ways of doing so, is by offering them promotional offers and freebies. This will not only help you retain existing customers but also attract new ones under your banner. One of the best examples of companies adopting such strategy is DealFuel.

5. Communicating often

Communication is (1)

Let’s face it, no one like monologues. If your customers comment on your links of on your posts on your website, and you don’t comment back, it would make them feel alienated. If they post queries on your social media page and you simply overlook it, it would send a really bad impression. But if you comment to their posts and queries regularly, you can make them much more familiar to your product and also help them out. If possible, you can also incorporate the feature of live chat, so that you can resolve their issues in real time.

6. Tweet your word out


Just like sharing your content on various social networking platforms, you should focus on creating cool, & catchy tweets about your business. You should also make effective use of Twitter handles to increase your tweets’ reach. On every tweet you make, your followers can retweet, comment and mark it as favourite. Such participation increases the reach even further. So, keep tweeting.

7. Facebook promotions


When it comes to marketing your website/ business, creating your business’s own Facebook page is indispensable. But you should also promote your page to grab the attention of your audience. By promoting your page/ posts on Facebook, you would be able to present your post as sponsored, on the news feed of different people. You can even select the specific geographical location and the interests to whom such posts should be shown. Once you get ample traffic and following from such sponsored promotions, you would likely be able to divert this traffic to your website as well. But make sure that the post being promoted is of decent quality, has a catchy tagline & featured image.

8. Serve the right content



Different social media platforms attracts people of different mindsets. For example, LinkedIn is mostly used by business professionals to get to know others’ business prospects and professional opportunities, while YouTube is strictly a multi-media platform that provides videos on different subjects. So if you are a tool salesperson and you market your business related images and posters only on Pinterest, you are definitely on the wrong track. You should find the relevance of your content and make out which would be the preferable social media network for you. Also, you should mould your posts on the basis of the platform, for example, video campaigns can be posted on YouTube & Facebook, while the infographics and posters can be shared on Instagram.

9. Using automated posting tools


To ensure that each and every posts of yours mark their presence on different social media platforms, you should use an automated posting tool. Once of the finest being It allows you post your content from a source to different social media platforms. So using, if you choose to automate posting your blog posts on different social networking platforms, all you need to do is connect your blog’s RSS feed to the different social platforms of your choice.

10. Planning is the key

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Planning is the sole factor that decides whether your social media marketing campaign would be successful or not. While planning you can make use of any social media marketing template and chalk down your approach. You should clearly separate hours/ days of the week when you would be focussing on creating posts and then marketing it on different platforms. You should keep tab of the different platforms targeted and the type of content being shared. You should make sure that your content is unique and comprises of graphically appealing elements. 

Did you learn how to improve social media marketing for your business? Did we miss any point? Do you have any points to share with us? Please share, we would love to hear it.