Pinterest is not a typical social media site like Facebook. It has a unique take on social media and therefore it attractHow Is Pinterest Important From Business Point Of View ?s specific kind of viewers. If you are looking at Pinterest from business point of view, you must first analyze the kind of audience it caters to. Once you have pinned down the viewership, you can now devise ways to catch the eyeballs. Here are some reasons why Pinterest is important for businesses and how to leverage this social media platform to your benefit.

Vital Statistics of Pinterest
Eighty seven percent of Pinterest viewership consists of women. This is an interesting piece of information which opens the door for some really creative marketing campaigns. Straight off, any business which is directly linked to women must have a presence on Pinterest. You may well ask which business is cut off from women. Good question. Actually, every single product or service has a female audience but you should know how to woo them. On Pinterest, your only road to salvation is to provide attractive, beautiful and imaginative images. Use of color and a splash of creativity are always appreciated on Pinterest. Now what are you waiting for/ get the paintbrush out of the garage and douse your product liberally with color. At the very least you can get your digital camera working. If your site lacks images, this is the time to fill it up and then pin them up on Pinterest. Your traffic is bound to soar and hit the roof.

The Attractive Middle Ages
The age group between 25- 44 comprises more than fifty percent of audience on Pinterest. Obviously, your target audience must be in this range. Not for selling baby food or adult nappies. But who knows? Essentially, Pinterest attracts the middle of the road age group. These ranges of customers are also the heaviest spenders. This makes Pinterest important from business point of view.

Your boards must convey the concept
The demographics which we have seen, has typically less than ten minutes to browse through Pinterest. This means you have enough time to catch their attention but not all the time in the world. Your boards (which contain your pins or images) must talk for themselves. Use of creative copy is recommended. This will also help in your SEO.
Not enough time is spent on the concept of your pins or boards and as a result the presentation is diffused and blurry. In order to maintain focus, you must have eye catching captions which must grab attention.

Spread The Good Word
It’s not enough to create your presence on Pinterest. You must promote your pins on other social media sites aggressively. You must use your blog or ecommerce catalog to link to the pins on Pinterest.

Pinterest is important from business point of view. You must know how to utilize Pinterest effectively and this can only be achieved if you know the social media site thoroughly and understand its audience.