Business benefits from Facebook news feed changesFacebook is implementing changes galore and one of the mornings over the next few weeks you’ll arise to a cleaner, more colourful Facebook News Feed.

Zuckerberg and co have made a number of changes to the way the News Feed is presented and the major change is that imagery is set to stand out more.

That said, there are also changes to the content feed, allowing you to decide whether you wish to see the sort of feed you decide is most important, whether it is music, images, games etc. There’ll also be a new navigation bar on the left of the page.

Of course, just like any Facebook change there are challenges and also advantages for business and getting in front, is about hitting the ground running when the changes are implemented. So, let’s take a look at how your business can start strongly.


The change to the feed really seems to focus on the visual and so larger, high quality, vibrant images are a must for business. Even with the old feed people tend to respond to and engage with images to a far higher degree than most other forms of post. So, expect even higher engagement rates with the new version.

The new feed changes also include text within the post and not below captions, meaning the whole layout is cleaner and the text won’t detract from the image.  It’s a big change, but one possibly for the better – so simply, post great images to take advantage of it.


Those running paid adverts on Facebook have plenty to be pleased about, as new adverts with images will be displayed in the News Feed like never before. They’re set to be larger and more vibrant and this should increase engagement levels and mean more bang for your buck.

Cover Image

If your page is liked by a person, then your cover photo appears in their News Feed and their friends also – advertising opportunity knocks. This provides you with a new onus to achieve Likes and means that you should firstly have a great photo that you feel represents your brand well. Secondly, ensure that the image fits in with Facebook guidelines. Use an image that gives your page context and provides information and interest for best results. Checking-in also creates a similar effect and if an individual does so at your premises, a map is shown on their friends’ feeds.

Content Creation

Creation of content is all important and Facebook will be promoting great content to even more of a degree. The new News Feed will have a LinkedIn Today like area, where the top shared content features. This increases visibility and of course rewards high quality, engaging content with real estate on the News Feed.


The pin board based social media site really comes into its own with all of these new visual changes. Linking a Pinterest page with Facebook means you can really shine on the News Feed. The visually strong social media site will work wonderfully well with the new Facebook News Feed, so why not get prepped now to take advantage.

Facebook offers businesses significant potential with these changes and those who want to get ahead of the curve should take heed now.

Cormac Reynolds is a social media writer who has written for a variety of the world’s top social media blogs. This article is for