Irrespective of whether you’re an online digital marketing guru singing the praises of online marketing techniques or you prefer to mix it up with more traditional offline marketing techniques, it’s still important to engage with your intended audience. But why, why is it so important to engage with someone you can’t see? The answer is simple – it allows you to build a relationship with your target audience which in turn cultivates better sales opportunities and in turn, conversions.

There are many means of marketing, and ultimately the main aim of a marketing campaign is to appeal directly to your intended target market. To give you an insight into how you can make your marketing campaign engaging you’ll find a few handy tips below.

Engaging Offline Marketing Techniques

Today, offline marketing is increasingly being overlooked in favour of digital marketing, but offline marketing techniques are still very beneficial to the success of a marketing campaign, which is why you should try and incorporate them where necessary. Engagement via offline mediums may seem absurd, but as long as you understand the target audience inside out, offline marketing can be very successful.

  • Telemarketing; engaging directly with the target audience, this is very effective
  • TV Adverts; great for building brand identity and consumer trust
  • Radio Adverts; great for exposure and giving your business a voice
  • Printed Media; perfect for appealing directly to consumers in specific regions of the country

Engaging Digital Marketing Techniques

The beauty of digital marketing, and the reason why so many businesses have become enamoured with social media networking sites, is the fact that you can interact with your target audience directly. This goes beyond engaging their interest, as you can respond to their queries and build a relationship with them directly, and with relatively little strain.

It’s specifically for this reason why social media has become a marketing phenomenon. However while social networking sites present the rare opportunity to interact directly, there are other marketing techniques which if you are clever cans till engage – minus the direct interaction;

  • E-Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Online Adverts
  • PPC
  • SEO
  • Advertisements
  • PR
  • Newsletters

So, before you disperse your marketing material, have a read over it and ask yourself – is this engaging? Would I read this? Would you read it all? What would you do once you have read it? Is it relevant, and finally would it engage with your consumer group?

This article was written by Gayle Brown on behalf of GCL Direct; a leading telemarketing organisation who engage with prospects directly for high-quality leads.