Stumbleupon is a social media site which is a bookmarking and rating site that helps you to find content from your favourite web page, brands, sites, and celebrities you like. StumbleUponStumbleUpon boasts of more than 30 million users already.

After you create an account and select Interests, you can also write your own reviews and share it with your followers as well as browse through and follow different Channels to see even more great stuff in your Stumble stream from.

Stumbleupon can help businesses in their SEO’s as well by allowing users to like their websites and add them to their profiles. These websites are then shared with their friends via their profiles and by using the “stumble” button, which are then added to a user’s browser toolbar whenever they sign up.

The stumble button sends a user to a random website, after each user fills out a survey of their interests. This way, there is a definite potential for the business website to reach a wide-ranging and targeted audience. If the business fits into one of these interest categories, the site can get a lot of new visitors that are more likely to be interested in the business.

Businesses can use StumbleUpon to discover shareable content and the type of content that works best for social media marketing as well.

Many Stumbleupon tips will get you started, and soon you’ll be stumbling upon your own keys to success. StumbleUpon is one of the best traffic generators because when a user likes, or stumbles, a particular page, it is put into the StumbleUpon line-up. You can capitalize on this network by creating great content with an addition of media’s like tutorials, videos, images, infographics and lists that stand a good shot at doing well on StumbleUpon.

Once you have followers on StumbleUpon, you can share your content directly with them. Finding followers interested in the same topics as you is simple as then you can increase your follower base with users of similar interests. You can also increase chances of being followed by creating a great StumbleUpon profile. StumbleUpon has a Unique Advertising System where you can buy traffic to your website at 5 cents apiece, to the URL and category of your choice. You can develop a blog post that adds significance and indirectly leads users to want to see the rest of your website.

StumbleUpon can mechanically optimize your campaign for you, or you can manually set the demographics for age, gender, location, and device. It helps you to discover the best of web and interesting people to follow in no time at all. It’s fun, free, and has a proven track record. As you stumble more content, you will start to discover a lot of new content that has yet to be stumbled, you will gain new subscribers who will see more and more of your content.